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  • You too imouto! *huggles* <3

    Be careful, and stay safe my sweetie, I love you very much
    Hello dawn~

    Fill my boredom with some entertainment ;p

    How are you and how's school?

    So you chose engineering. What do you wanna be as an engineer in the future, dawn the engineer?

    I shall imagine dawn going for nuclear engineering :runhappy: and you will teach me how to build nuclear bombs :thumbup:


    The government of this country gives free scholarships to all of its high school graduates who are from this country or related to someone from this country so lucky me I guess...
    Be careful about your health my sweetness..or nee-chan will be worried! :rr_love:

    I'm good just busy lol, I need a moment really, just one moment to breath:dead:
    My angel!<3 How have you been? :rr_love:
    Happy Valentine imouto!<3 Haha, alone? :P But we have eachother! :P
    Aww my baby!T_T You were sick?? :( Glad you're okay now! *huggles to death*x3
    My lovely imoutooo <3 welcome back sweetie~❤❤❤ I was also busy, and still busy actually; I miss you everyday >.<
    I want to huggle with imouto all day too!<3 Guess I have to be patient while waiting imouto to come back..:lapi_sweat: lol imouto so cuteeee <3
    I got busy too, some stuff happened kinda. But I'm okay sweetie, happy lunar year for you too my dear! Haha :P Chicken sounds better indeed.
    Thanks for the wishes, and Happy Chinese New Year to you too (if you're celebrating).

    Wish I had taken the time to update my sig before this. :deadsad:
    Imouto! I've finally downloaded dynamic chord reve blabla append disc!:happytears: time for romance :desire:
    Good luck sweetie, it must be tough. But I'm sure you'll do well.~
    That's both funny and cute lol, just like imouto~
    Hmm... Oh, a cooperation wanna you from special agent N1..., well this can cost somewhat...:evillaugh:

    Lol, is OK. I'll do^_^

    Omg!!xD Wish I could be there!
    Though, ASF transformers then to a ghost-city like forum, if no activities give on it, and you don't want it, right^_^?

    Edit: Evening for you!
    Good job imouto~! And oh! It's still too earlybut everything is okay at the moment~
    Hmm... Well, probably you should your people there ASF introduce: about his/he benefits and fun... It would be a try worth...:goodtea:
    Lol, it'd chaos cause in the system: there doesn't give a way back, you're for the upcoming 5 years elected. Where then ganbatte...:goodtea:
    Though the position as vice president has already Ary, you was elected for since ages...xD

    Edit: Evening for you!
    Though, you could it. You're though the president of the U.M.O.A. (United Malaysian Otaku Association), you've the power for...:goodtea:
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