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  • Lol, not to thanking, it wasn't a big deal...xD

    Hmm... Well, then you should something do that they finally active should be, but what?:goodtea:
    Awww honey~ You're so sweet ❤ more than ever. ❤ Glad to see you're fine :) which preparations my dearie?
    Yeah, he or she did the location changed, but before he/she it still edited has: I've seen that he or she from Malaysia coming like you...:goodtea:
    Aww don't be sad cutie~ you'll do better next time :) hehe thank you ❤ how are you lately dearie?:nekopara_hug:
    I miss you too! Lol new year plus tests oh my god xD But I know imouto was strong enough to handle it ~ *pokes your cheek* i wish you could check our group sometime~
    Thank you very much for the new year wishes my dearie, I'm so happy :')
    Happy new year my dear imouto❤ Thank you for being with me and with everyone here til now, you're a wonderful person and a great friend :) I hope everything you wish comes true this year :) Love you truly~:nekopara_hug:
    Yeah so weird!:deadsad: ah...I love you T___T
    You're an angel T___T But whatever I do it still doesnt work, so annoying :sigh: guess i will download and try to change binary codes once again :forsaken:
    Oh, sorry for not saying that I changed my name. :(
    Me, well, the usual study hell as always. :akazukin_down:
    I'm glad imouto likes it! Thank you >.< ehehe :nekopara_hug:
    Hearing that makes me smile, you're truly a sunshine honey<3
    I missed you too! Wish you were here so that I could hug you all the time >.<
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