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  • Some tests to make sure we study :lmao:

    I had some primary science subjects, calculus, physics etc.
    I mostly play BL and otome games. For BL, my favorites are Taisho Mebiusline, Gakuen Heaven 2, Omerta, and Shingakkou. For otome games, Code:Realize, Kenka Banchou Otome, Shinigami to Shoujo and Clock Zero.I also really love Steins;Gate and Umineko no Naku Koro Ni so much. I don't really play eroge unless its otome but Fate/Stay Night is an exception because I love Archer and Rin very much. ^^
    Sorry for the late response but lately i am not around for my real life job and family reasons , what is that you like to ask about?
    Thank you!

    I'm tired lol, have presentation to do, and tests incoming :scared: the stress is building up like towers
    Wow... I did almost forgot, that you today your B'day having, where then... Happy B'day Vice, have a enjoyable and nice time with your beloved ones in your special day today, have further a healthy and successful future ahead you!!!
    Well, I wish for you then a enjoyable and nice time with your beloved ones tomorrow!

    Hmm... And, some global news (like about the shooting in Florida's airport currently...), and some otaku related news...
    Lol, I don't mind... Well, I do watch Fate/Grand Order and then the Fate Special...

    Ah really? This is great, I bet that you're already excided for, right?:goodtea:
    Hmm... Hi Vice!

    And with me is so far fine (I think it at least...xD), I just watching some anime and check some news...

    And you?
    Haha you noticed that, and yes I'm happy and proud to be one of the members here!
    (though I got the one-year award earlier :wasclose:)
    yes, I already played that game, but only the first game.
    no time for playing the sequel...
    but I've been playing web games lately. Hahahaha...
    please don't remind me about exams..... :v
    Hi Vice!

    Hmm... Well, of course it will...xD

    And with me is more or less fine, I living my usual life... And you?
    Oh evening, Vice...:hi:

    And I see, it sucks begin sick to be on a special event, like in the New Year Eve... I wish that you getting better soon!
    Ah of course, I'm glad you asked :)

    When I started making siggys I was just editing the pictures, like adding color fx's and such, changing the picture into something more pretty. But later on it wasn't enough so I started making researches and downloading many textures and brushes. But in my opinion everything good comes from being creative and being original with the inspiration you have. So try practicing different things, and always follow art to keep yourself inspired from even the tiniest things. Deviantart and pixiv are great places to explore and find inspiration. :)

    To start, simply find a background and some texture, next to harmonise colors choose a certain theme for the signature and continue adding different effects, testing out things is the best way of learning so. You will eventually find your own style and be more comfortable with the projects you make ^^.

    I hope I can be helpful somehow;;
    Thank you :)

    I'm alright, enjoying the odd sunny weather :D
    oh the list well i not really had time to think about it but in a few days i'm sure i will come up with it
    and no i don't really believe in horoscopes
    Lol, not to thanking, it wasn't a big deal that...xD

    And well, to be honest, tried by the New Year event, but otherwise okay... And you?
    Happy new year~! I wish you the best :)
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