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  • Aww~Hehe I was once a lurker too~ I was checking the forum for only otome games xD But I started being an active member and met lots of kind and gentle people ~
    Thank you a lot for the sweet words,and compliments~!:fullblush:<3
    If you like writing give a try~:3 I'd be so happy to see you join our new contest:)
    Hello sweetie~ I don't make stickers,I only uploud them to my thread for everyone to enjoy :3 But other than that I work with Ps too,for making sets :)

    Awww~❤❤❤ Thanks for being a such a good kouhai x3
    Also have you checked our new contest~?:fulfilled:
    Hello dear~
    Thank you for your kind words,it really made so happy :)
    Hehe you called me senpai x3 I'll be your senpai gladly and help you with anything/anytime you'd like~:bigeyes:
    If you got some questions always feel free to ask them~:fulfilled:

    *hugs super tight❤*
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