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  • Cute reaction >-<
    OK, then....I'm good at the moment, what is your ID? how we do dis? I don't knowww:akazukin_shock:
    Okay pick a time, owo

    Glad I'M not the only hungry one orz
    Osu is installed, staying there inside some random folder with spider-webs around it. :P
    I sometimes play it to catch fruits, they look tasty, cause Im hungry all the time, and gaining weight>_>
    I don't know anything about cable management, oh boy...I'm so ready am I not?:P

    VN's, run the best. At least >_>
    I want to play Black Desert online, it's soon coming to Turkey but my pc...is a failure. *sfx of dreams shattering*:akazukin_down:
    Building sounds fun, but I'm lazy :P
    Even if it's little that's awesome, would you kindly tell me what kind of pc should I look for gaming?:kurochan_wut:
    I dunno I'm scared something might happen if I use it too much >_>
    Are you good with pc's?
    I want to buy a new one but my wallet looks like it's about to smack me with a fact that I dont have money atm ._.
    Not to often lately, what about you?
    Good mornin'...I really dont like waking up early ( . _ . )zZ
    You're such a cutie~♡
    Good boy, I'll give you a reward :3
    Do you have a ps4? It seems like it has some online free games as well, I haven't checked it yet since I don't use digital games, I want to play with you too :P
    Don't remember ( ´_ノ` )
    well even if I want to play games I don't have time these days(´_`)
    now gotta go and clean the dishes...don't get lost again!:P
    Do you play overwatch? I wanna game but my laptop is quite a headache, it overheats a lot *eyerolls*
    I'm good! Life is same, it sux.
    You still gaming rainbow?:P
    you're hereeeee!<3 *huggles mixxie tight*<3
    how was your day sweetie?:3
    *hugs more!*<3

    Hahaha yeah me too, I usually overthink stuff which causes a mind f*ck :I

    is it really i wonder ;o well i guess it is if you say so! i can worry about silly things sometimes lol, does that happen to you too?xD
    yayyyy! i love getting patted on head >.< :3

    yes but as a woman im a bit worried you know >w>
    *purrs* :3

    yeah that's totally right, ..........im getting oldeer :baby:
    whats with that face lolol yeah we really should! i want summer break already :baby:
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