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  • I see... Already 6 CM snow, but I as well, that you happy are...^_^

    Hmm... How you mean "True japanese windows"? - Because you've just at your PC/laptop to Japanese localisation set up...:goodtea:
    Right now no, but maybe later Inpo-kun...

    ...Well, it's time for me in the bed to go, where then... Bye and g'night Inpo-kun, we see us sure still^_^!

    Edit: I'll about this problem think.
    Hmm... Seems that the game there deleted or removed is, where then I've this source you give...>_>
    I see, looks nice the channel - I'll looking forward...^_^

    And with me... Well, lightly tired but OK otherwise... - I just watch a documentary-video... And you, what's up lately?:goodtea:
    Ah I see... Then enjoy it further...:goodtea:

    Edit: Are you sure? Because Clannad is one with English-patch, and isn't eroge - only Ren'ai-level.
    Yey, you as well Happy b'Xmas for you and your family as well^_^!

    Welcome Inpo-kun, what's up?
    Is okay, now I've it understood...^^!

    Oh, how nice! You're then in an special unitˇˇ!

    Sorry, but it makes somehow no sense: 4 days HG and then only 1 day CG...???

    I've so asked, that you in the collage example are (That you for an specific time in the collage do) - or some like that...>_>
    ...Heee??? - How should I it understand???

    ...And, how already mentioned: I'm busy with a lot stuff: Work/Anime/etc.^^
    Oh, whom see I there? - Welcome Inpo-kun^^!!!

    Well, with me is so far fine, just in the last time very busy...

    And what is with you?
    Happy new year, inpothet!!!
    And a healthy and peaceful year for you and your family!!!
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