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  • Hello my kouhai^^!

    Oh, I see... Then am I happy for you, have then a lot fun with the game, okay?:goodtea:~>
    Hmm... Neptunia started before about 3 weeks, and I watch generally on>
    Hmm... Many/a lot VNs can I say...
    Neptunia: ep. 3
    Ro~kyu~bo! SS: ep. 4
    Fate/...Illya: ep. 3
    HS DxD'NEW: ep.: 4
    I...? I'm so far fine: Just watch some animes...
    ...And what for a kind VN downloading you...?:goodtea:~>
    I see... But I hope, that this time you about VN-problems solve can...
    ...But that is needless now, important is, how you the offline times spend have...:goodtea:~>
    My day...? Hmm... My day was not interesting, just spamming, anime watched and etc. ...

    How was your...?
    Oooooh~ Understood. I do a situation should you you're important data in your external HDD save, in the next time...

    ...Then was on your PC the connection very bad...
    You mean then, you don't could here log in, and then have your PC's operating-software deinstalled, where then a new o-s installed have...?
    No.. essence+ and tick tack are just kind of expansion.. or you can call it another..
    The main Shuffle is the original one and it only have one english patch for the main shuffle.
    The others didn't have any..
    Then.. what's the problem?
    If it's english patch.. i said that before, i doubt if it exist.
    If it's romance.. then try "Snow Sakura" or "Clannad"
    Snow Sakura has no much sex scene.. the main story is romance.
    Clannad has no sex scene..
    That's your choice, you want some romance stuff or just want to see sex scene?
    The one who decide is you.
    1 GB RAM are more than enough..
    Don't worry, your computer spec is acceptable to play VN.
    So at the first you saw the error message that appeared on your game before are made you thinking "My computer spec is not good to play this VN" am i right?
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