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  • Thank you for the birthday wish, DA! :lapi_happy:

    Hope you've been well, and that SOTM has been getting lots of entries! :fulfilled:
    I'm not really a hardcore biker, more of a hobby/fun kind of thing. I just like riding on the bike paths here.
    Are you still riding your bike a lot? Been riding mine almost everyday because it's been so nice outside. I have a Diamondback, but I've had it since I was a teenager so thinking of getting a new one soon.
    Hey dark about the debate we had earlier I hope you didn't feel offended or made you upset.
    Can I see your new air gun dearie~?:bigeyes:
    Thank you i will keep in touch as well i will pm you from here and for the other side of the anime. Cya!
    I thought i should drop by and say a hello! But i won't be staying i got a job now and i will have even less free time now. So then we will keep in touch!
    Yeah, from now should it be cleared the situation, where then we back to usual business move can...xD
    Well, this has indeed more sense as/than to be angry to whom! Oh, really?! I'll votaged looking forward then...^_^!
    Well, you don't have your energy for such waste indeed, this will quiet go away...~ I see the thing(s) in a rational wise, like you it do...^_^
    Hmm... Well, you know D'angel, such people gave in the past-nowadays-and it'll sure also in the future give. For me this isn't a surprise more, I can't they change - If they're so, then are so.
    Lol, I know - Like already in the Discussion section said "I'm already far away from these childish act..." - it doesn't bother me really the ignorance of him...>_>
    Yeah hopefully not.
    I do not like doing it.

    I want to stay here with all my friends.
    Yeah kind of some things to take care of.o.o
    Hey hey! Does DA still remember Rain?
    Okay, I'll it do, and my best do...^_^

    But what is, if you're two notices making would about it - in the size like what the of Gift one has - Where then you at Igins ask would it to insert on the front page?
    Well you still didn't made a winner entry announcement so I still havent got my award yet (:
    Αχ δεν ξέρω το σεκύφτομαι πολύ σοβαρά να ξανά φτιάξω μια υπογραφή για το νέο SOTM.
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