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  • Ehm are you joking or are you serious lol
    So happy to hear that!! It's colly005 <3

    Looking forward to it, just send me a message!
    Just like one of those times I don't wanna do nothing but eat and sleep lol, well happened to me a lot! Hey I have a great idea to improve our selves, since we both have a youtube channel why dont we make a collab?:bigeyes: you can add me on skype and we can make a video together like reading a visual novel! Since we're feeling both creative this is a great chance!
    Aww haha! Well I'm trying to stay positive, waiting for my mother and brother to return, they went out of the city for holiday stuff ^^ And they're returning today, I guess I have to wait for like 2 more hours and my dad already fell asleep xD Otherwise I'm doing okay! Were where you lately? I missed you a lot!
    Yep~ Pretty interesting since it's creepy cool! I liked it, looking forward for more ~ How was your day?
    Fine. A bit bored, but music usually helps curb that.
    Got into some swedish dark funeral the other week.

    Their videos are amazingly dark. Also fascinating.
    you are very welcome. Enjoy them <3


    Made these a few days ago.
    Yeah. Is it vocaloids like last time?
    thanks! I appreciate that.
    I just made my current set last night. : 3
    Going great!

    you know kyary pamyu pamyu?
    I am fine. still gfx making and all that.
    Hi. I've missed you. How have you been?
    Oh:( Sorry for bringing that up!

    By the way I am kinda curious are you male or female?
    I am good too:D I will be having holidays till the 31st of this month and afterwards its back to college.
    May I ask do you like cats or dogs?:D (I am kinda curious XD)
    Same story here, i am working everyday, and now i have had my vacations for Easter and 1st May and tomorrow or the day after tomorrow we wil start package to roll back at our daily routine...
    I am fine my friend, it's been a while since the last time i have the chance to talk to you!

    How are you man? The forum that you made, is it online?
    I am fine just having a lot of stress due to that fact that i have to choose a good University next year.:sigh: Not being able to sleep and wanting to sleep during the classes in the morning though.:alonescared:
    Although if you don't mind me asking what kind of anime/manga/games you like?
    Hello! How are you Chocola? This is the first time we are talking thanks for being my friend!
    Happy birthday sweetheart~
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