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  • ~~~~*A bit late by 2 days...*~~~~

    do you have the willing to put all you blood sweat and tears to learn Photoshop and rendering pictures?
    No problem, i will now try to re-configurate mine profile :) i may tray to changes the signatures and the cards in a different way... i am trying some new things :D Later cya
    There is nothing special about the background i made a walpaper using photoshop combned 3 pictures and "dummy" layer with only roze/pink color and then i adjust the other images with opticaly and some gussian blur effect and 0.3 Pixels Boxed Blur in the second image :) [Those were my steps doing my background] You can always put whatever image you like :) Then upload the image to any image site you like. Then go to your profile and click on the "Customize My Profile" (is up from the Visitor messages window).

    When you click a new window will apear So there are 3 General Section there "General" "Modules" "Inactive Modules"

    You go for the backgroun at the first "General" then "Page Background" and click on the white squear.
    In the new window that apeared you can upload by linking from the photo-site you uploade the image (I don't suggest you to uploade here from the site cause 10MB of space are needed)

    And then click on the "Submit" and then click on the "Save" green button and you finished.

    You will have a background for you Profile the same you can do for customizing buttons like "About Me" "Friends" etc.

    You have to folow the same steps But you have to go at the "Buttons" "Content" "Headers" that are from the left side of the "General" "Modules" "Inactive Modules"

    For the "Bottons" go to "Button Background"

    "Content" go to "Content Background"

    "Headers" go to "Header Background"

    And in the windows were in will apear you can upload whatever picture you like (the same way you did for the background)

    Ore just use a pre-selected color.

    And whatever you do always SAVE the applys ;)

    And this is the way to fully-customize your profile.

    This an example of mine customization menu window

    it to hard to upload more the 1200 uncencored images that i had downloaded and re converted to png files it's near 1.22GB Size i can't upload so many of them one by one :S I prefer to upload the entier package to a winRAR file and split it in 4 smaller parts and upload them, That's why i thought it would be easier that there are already yploaded to konachan so i can mirror them here...
    thank you for letting me be your friend :)

    When ever you need anything just sent a pm :)

    I will be coming everyday at the picture corner :)

    See ya later :D
    it depends on the mood i have thisangeloid it interest me so i did it if there an image that will atractive me i will tell you :D

    I know Sono Hanabira, yes. It racked quite a lot of popularity after someone translated one of the games in the series (also thanks to the yuri theme, I suppose). Most doujin games are indeed short and on low budgets, but many are good nonetheless. Hyperiyon is pretty famous within certain niches for selling games at only ¥100. I don't fancy all their games (not the dark and nukige ones), but I like the two games illustrated by Kiserin. I'm biased for Kiserin, of course, but I found that the writer for both games is also a good one with a witty sense for humour.

    I guess my tastes have simply changed over the years, but I don't fancy eroge―or anime, manga and other weeaboo media―much anymore. Repeated themes don't help either. Most moege don't bring in anything new, so the only reason I'm playing one when I do is likely a bias for the illustrators and/or voice actresses.

    Hmm... there's nothing here. Where I live, Japanese art and media is still a niche thing, and while there are things like anime conventions and cosplay events, there's none truly tailored for someone such as myself (for example, they feature purely anime characters and no eroge). It's good to hear that you have such an annual event, though.
    Long-overdue reply; sorry about that!
    Didn't mean to just ditch our previous conversation... just procrastination.jpg

    Yep, I love their dresses the most, not the lolis themselves. Nonetheless, I have no qualms about the beauties of Tinkle's artwork. I actually didn't know she drew RKB until shortly before the anime aired, but Tinkle was one of the first artists I memorised when I started remembering artists' names a couple years ago. And yes, yes, everything you mentioned―smooth hair strands, frilly dresses, ambient colours, and an overall highly, professionally artistic feel.

    I don't know, but I'd guess such dresses aren't something to wear on normal occasions. They're too frilly and decorative to wear outside anything like a prom or a party. It's possible that you'd find 'em in Akihabara, but perhaps as souvenirs or collectibles rather than mere clothes.

    Karory's artwork is quite distinct. Eyes, mouth shapes, facial expressions and the way she makes body proportions are all pretty apparent. As for Tanihara vs. Kayura, Tanihara's characters usually have stronger facial expressions (blushing, shading on cheeks and some parts of the face), and yes, more rounded too. Put simply, Tanihara's style is more moe, if you ask me.

    I don't generally favour translations in general. I like reading but also have a tendency to nitpick and criticise, so I prefer to read everything in its original language where possible. For example, English isn't my first language, but if there's a literary work (say, a novel) originally written in English translated into my own language, I'll read the English version. Admittedly, it's not always a viable option as I don't speak many languages. And as far as I know, the Chinese translation community is better than English.
    I don't particularly fancy lolis, but in the case of Tinkle, I have to agree, she makes gems. Really like how she makes all those frilly dresses. And well, I'd like to know myself where I could buy those dresses, but I dunno, sorry. I'm guessing it was displayed at some kind of convention in Japan, but I'm not sure.

    Let's see if Feng will delay it like it did Hoshikaka. Karory's also involved, huh? Thought she worked for KeroQ only, besides Karomix and doujin illustrations. And yes, PLUS+MOSAIC was simply not necessary; it was just an addon for pure fanservice. ";_;" is an emote denoting a teary face and "<3" denotes love; was simply saying that Sion's story was quite touching and that I liked Lavinya.

    Yeah, I can differentiate them now. Nanao, in particular, is more distinct. Tanihara and Kayura are a bit more similar, though. And it's pretty easy to differentiate Karory from Mizusawa, imo -- Karory's eyes are unique and look sharper than Mizusawa's. The shape of the faces is also kinda different. Mizusawa's style leans to the moeblob side more than Karory's does.

    That was Korie, huh? I really don't remember well. Perhaps I mixed the two up due to the affiliation with Makura/KeroQ. I don't think it was ever translated to English. Maybe Chinese; I don't know. And yes, I primarily play the untranslated version. I've played some English-translated eroge, although I tend to dislike most of them. Though, the Chinese fan translation scene seems to be prospering indeed.

    Mizusawa also makes really cute charas. And Hyperiyon has featured more than just Kiseri; however, she remains my favourite in the circle. Two Hyperiyon games she worked on are Sistars and Color of White, both of which are very short (and linear). They're voiced, though, and are very nice for doujin games.

    Personally, I hardly play eroge nowadays. In fact, I don't think I've played any since like January. My passion for them has diminished to almost nothing, haha.
    I know, right? Imagine if, for example, Tinkle were a dedicated designer. The dresses she made would be magnificent, simply brilliant. And yes, Inugami is also one of my favourite frilly artists, second only to Tinkle (or Tinkerbell as a group). And I think he didn't take the photo by himself -- someone else took it at a convention or some sort.

    Probably that's it. Can't be bothered to look it up now, haha. I've seen the homepage, and it was definitely Tsurusaki; however, I'm not sure whether other artists took part. Probably Hellrun, but not Ryohka, iirc. The big sister type character, you mean. But yes, I have no problem at all with Tsurusaki. He did very good in Hoshikaka -- I think that's partially thanks to Feng's CG artist(s). And eden* is very nice. The H isn't necessary, though; good thing they separated it from the main game. Sion is ;_; and Lavinia is <3

    I remember confusing Suzuhira and Nanao with someone else. Due to Nanao's affiliation with the Da Capo series, I used to mix her up with the two other artists, Tanihara Natsuki and Kayura Yuka. I can differentiate them just fine now, though. Takahiro and Ryohka are pretty easy to differentiate too. If you mean confusing Karory with Kagome, I can understand.

    Yeah, Supreme Candy featured multiple artists, including Korie and Inugami. Forgot if there was any other. Inugami also did Terebi no Kieta Hi, iirc. An even older game. Is there anyone currently translating Supreme Candy and Himanatsu, though? I understand what you mean; I myself prioritise artwork above pretty much anything. Especially if it's a moege.

    There are many more artists (and therefore affiliated companies/ciircles) that I like, of course. For example, how about Kiseri Momokoto in Hyperiyon and Motomiya Mitsuki (runs Frac) in Hooksoft. She's drawing their newest game, Priministar.
    Sorry for the late reply; been busy. Finally got more free time.

    Yesh. My friend once remarked that most illustr ators would be extraordinary fashion designers if they would start. I completely agree. Indeed, the clothes they make in their illustrations are more than the average stuff you find everyday. And you're welcome~

    From Feng, yes, but I forgot what the complete title is. Not AA, but the one after that, I think. AA still had Ryohka, if I'm not mistaken; this one has Tsurusaki Takahiro as the primary illustrator and maybe some more Ryohka lookalikes (like Hellrun), but not Ryohka herself. I myself haven't been playing visual novels, though.

    Yep, most of what I like are eroge illustrators. Most have totally unique drawing styles (like Inugami) that I can instantly recognise them the moment I see them. Some have styles similar to others. For example, Ryohka and Tsurusaki Takahiro; Yuuki Hagure and Tomose Shunsaku; Kobuichi and Muririn, etc. But yeah, Inugami is still number one in my heart.

    I've played quite a bunch of galge, although I haven't been playing any for a while. Let's see, how about games by Makura, since that's where Inugami works? They released Himawari no Kyoukai to Nagai Natsuyasumi a couple months ago, although Inugami only drew one character (the rest were Motoyon). I'd also recommend Alcot games (e.g. Naka no Hito nado Inai, Onigokko), as they have good comedy. Not sure what kind of galge you like, though.
    Eh, that's just a few, really. It's hard for me to choose just a few "favourites," because I just like too many. Yeah, Ryohka's one of my all-time favourites too. Too bad she's not doing the new Hoshikaka from Feng, though. The new illustrator for that one will be Tsurusaki Takahiro, iirc. (He also runs the doujin circle "Private Garden.")

    Ah, I was having a similar conversation with someone who also loves Izumi Tsubasu. Have you ever seen this dress (among possibly others) Izumi designed?
    Korie is lovely too; her characters are so cute. And yeah I forgot Nanao. There's also Chikotam, Kayura Yuka, Tenmaso, Kishida Mel, Nagi Ryou, Kiseri Momokoto, Karory, Anapom... why are there so many good artists?! That's not counting the ones on Pixiv whose names I often forget!
    Wow, really vast range of favorite artists!!! Many I've just seen one or two times without knowing their names!! And of course, many of them do quite well in artworks. (I saw Ryohka!! I love her works very much, too. At least she participated in painting in one of my favorite games!!)

    Besides those I've mentioned, I think Izumi Tsubasu and Korie Riko are also my beloved artists!!! I have some artbooks of Inugami, Korie and Nanao!!! They've all done good jobs on painting.
    Ah, Suzuhira used to be my favourite artist, though I then got bored of her artwork. With her recent style though, particulary with Sakura Bitmap and Tsuki ni Yorisou Otome no Sahou, I've grown fond of her again. As about Nanao, she's still one of my all-time favourites. Nice choice~

    Me, um, a lot. Let me spell some names I can remember on top of my head: Ryohka, Himukai Kyousuke, Kobuichi, Muririn, Aka Ringo, Motomiya Mitsuki, Mikagami Mamizu, Tenmu Shinryuusai, Poco, Shibano Kaitou... and many more!
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