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  • Yo Coins^^!

    Well, I'll sometime tomorrow or in the next days my inbox clear (Because of work season right now) - where then an VM give will, okay?...:goodtea:
    Happy new year, Coins!!!
    And a healthy and peaceful year for you and your family!!!
    Hmm... so they messed up tons even while copying =w= Sounds perfect for frank's gdr though ;p Poison everything even while theyre not doing anything xD

    /me watches it hit a couple trees before flying off... o.o
    Oh O.o So they were the opposite effect... Poisonous faeries... =w=

    /me gives it m&ms as a farewell gift and watches the spaeship tilt and stuff as it flies off O.o
    Wait what? O.o So he somehow makes some superweapons and stuff? xD That all the other nation's scientists couldnt make... well i guess he did make a fairy gundam so what cant he make =w=

    How would a doctor know what an alien life form would need?
    Well... rich people tend to have private armies and stuff...~ Perhaps better funded armies than most nations... =w=

    /me sees a bubble form on the alien O.o
    Lol so sixth sense is the next evolutionary form for humans =w=
    Rich old scientist that made the fairy... O.o How very manly of him... xD Didnt even need a little girl to complain and force him to make the fairy to silence her xD Kills other with elegance~ :goodtea:

    I have no idea whats what in alien anatomy but it was some hole on it so.... mouth it is~ :runhappy:
    Private army =w= Well that sort of makes it a bit more believable... Probably some rich girl that said she wanted her own fairy and the father made her a gundam ;p Super human... O.o Does he turn into an esper or something? xD

    /me looks for a mouth like thing and tosses the cookie in anyway~ :runhappy:
    Lol do they still fight with it? xD I would probably just have it patrolling the world and spreading the dust everywhere than risk it fighting~ xD

    /me gives giant alien a cookie~
    Wha? xD I dun get how thats really gundam... xD How did they even get from giant robots killing each others to giant robots advancing society? xD

    Dunno~ I was thinking it might unstabilize the portal or something~
    Oh o.o Hmm... so they did... and wha? Fairy dust? xD What does that have to do with gundams? xD

    /me self destructs spaceship as it goes through~
    Hmm.. the gundam run out of energy really fast though dont they? Need to get better energy packs for them =w=

    But theyre beaming you who ish beaming them back so youre pulling them in O.o
    Yeah~ :goodtea: Especially if they turn into anything like those in anime xD Cant have epic battles without them ;p

    /me watches the spaceship fly at coins O.o
    Hmm maybe? Cant say i know~ :goodtea: But i think hes planning world conquest at least?~

    Ahh making it explode isnt going to help... /me uses alien abductor beams to try and steal the oxygen tube xD
    Hmm... yes i guess space wars havent quite reached the level of gundam yet xD

    /me removes the air in your vicinity to take away the fire's fuel~
    Lol yes perhaps~ He has an army of gdr anyway so he really should learn how they work ;p

    /me splashes water on you and freezes it~
    Hmm i guess he isnt around much anymore but he believes that all the governments are making it and would take over the world with it at some point ;p Wonder how it relates to all his secret bases at the end of lpws though =w=

    /me tosses a net while youre busy with the ball~
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