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  • Well likewise neighbor stalker ! <peeps through the curtains...

    Hope you had a good one as well, you seem to always be cheerful tho :)

    Now I will go and look up the meaning of this last part 'オツキミイェーイ' copy pasted that right ? ^&^
    Kind of... Well, it's been a long time since I watched it, so I can't tell you much.. Sorry..:S I just remember some scenes..

    Anyway, I've also been considering watching Great Teacher Onizuka or Bloody Monday.. Have you watched either of them?

    hmm..not yet...still looking for a new house which not far from town or train station=/
    hoho...not yet:sowwy:...still waiting the other movie that still not uploaded yet:sigh:
    That's what I mean when I say I'm EXTREMELY AND INTOLERABLY moody. xD

    Haha ok, I'll keep that in mind. ;D
    I don't have a certain type or genre.. I really just watch whatever looks good, whenever I'm in the right mood. :D I don't remember much about what I've watched, but I remember that I really liked Kaseifu no Mita. :)
    Oh really nice ones! ^^
    I really like the one in the Kimono <3 They're all cute though!

    I only have 3 figures now:

    And I bought this one but the release date got delayed and I have to wait even longer..:deadsad:


    Yea, I'm doing fine =) Normal days with works and so on. Nothing special going on.
    Nendoroids huh :3 Which ones do you have now?
    I still have to wait for the figure I bought like...3 months ago ._.

    Take care!
    Well, I like the theme~ And I've recently been in the mood for something like that..xD Anyway that was yesterday xD Now I think I'm in the mood for some J-drama..:3

    Yes, everything's fine ^__^ Thanks :)
    XD Well at least you could sleep well. xD
    Sounds..tough..(?) Maybe you're having fun staying home~ :3

    Not really. X_X Plus, high school seniors still have things to do even if it's a holiday..T_T :crushed:

    I'm thinking of watching Hellsing Ultimate..~ (just a random thought)
    I'm fine, thanks :3 How are you?
    Kind of :) We all went to a friend's house and had a small party. :3 How about you?

    Thank you and hisashiburi, Flighty~!
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