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  • hmm.. soul reaver 2...starting this weekend maybe..haven't played any vns recently
    hmm...6 that means around may right=/'s quite long

    same here...i hope these disasters will not rise again
    not the trailer...the full movie man...i've search everywhere..but there are no trace of itX(

    yes...i already saw the pv for second movie:>....oh yeah, is your place got suffered from kelud dust too second?
    hmm..i wonder:gotidea:...maybe i should send one to molest you second:evillaugh:

    yeah..that's right...i should start serching it nao..BTW second have tou watched persona 3 the movie yet?
    Thank you

    2 know train in jakarta in the morning right?'s crowded like hell=/

    yes...i think i might search around my area so that i just have use mah bike=D
    i just dun like going there...the transportation i mean makes me capek di jalan>.<
    no..not that...more like retailer=/....
    same here>.<....straight to bed after work:sleepmoon:
    Egads! I had feared it to be the case. Sending backup to your station! Forward to victory! research company...nope...not yet still looking for new house=/..

    hbu man...where have you been? i rarely see you again?
    Hellooo emh-chan. You copy pasted it hah, cheater.

    I am doing so so, taking a day at a time. Yepp been somewhat busy, but everything is alright. You bored/restless ? c: Got that phone you wanted ? And doing fine yourself ?
    hmm...u mean append life january? worry bout that;p

    i'll download that torrent later^^
    Yes~ :) Yes, I watch them online. It's much faster and easier.. Why do you have to download everything you watch..?

    Well, it's just cold... Sometimes it rains, sometimes it snows..:3
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