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  • Hiiiiiiiiiiiyaaaaaa!!! I'm fine, thank you!!! and you?
    I'm playing pokemonX recently, I write details in Pokemon thread :)
    alright I won't eat you.. now because I'm the moment:full::evillaugh:

    so how are you?? =3
    Thanks. I hope so too.

    How life going for you on the other end? It's been a while since I visited this forum to be active.
    hellooo flight long time no see , how are you ?? btw I'm hungry if you may allow me to eat you I'd be grateful , you'd be doing me a favor ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    I'll let you know when I do consider getting one. From what I tested at the store with my little sibling. We can't play it. We both experienced motion sickness where it wouldn't be worth while. Sorry to disappoint you and not get back to you for a while. All my attention was being consumed by work and several misfortunes.
    Stress and rage is my life here
    That's it
    Why look at that, I took a visit to a profile page and got irritated
    Second_Flight, I mailed you again with my yahoo account(the address you told me by PM). Could you receive that?
    Haha nice :3 Do you have many Nendo's now? :0

    Good to hear you're still alive. I had to stalk you otherwise :zombie:
    I KNOW, they look the SAME and it's ugly too! >_< I don't know what they're doing...
    I really like it. Luckily my mom doesn't really care :3
    Where did I put it you ask? It's in our living room! XD We have this glass display which we use for souvenirs and stuff which is like..2meters high. I put in there :3

    I don't like that one though but I like the colors ^^ And I don't care if it's cast-off or not. I just really like the figure itself.

    I'm doing fine Second, busy with work and stuff. How about you ^^ ?
    hehe Okay..., It's a really fun thing, it kinda like living 400 years like Flandre Scarlet in a room; combined with all the colors of the rainbow, and then having your mental mind contract into itself only to magically reappear as if through a separate dimension. Kinda like when a star retracts into itself and produces a super nova, only in this case it comes back brighter like a self sustained reaction. Which I guess is already what the process in a star really is in terms of it's fusion, but without ever running out of fuel, as if the supernova tear a whole in the fabric of space-time and begun feeding of the wonderful energies of the other side, I don't remember what that energy might be called but. That about sums it all up :D

    But it's pink !~
    Goood your having mental breakdown like all the rest of us, glad your doing okay ;j
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