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  •'s alright man...if you've finished i'll send my new address^^
    hmm....i just. watch the anime and wanna try the game=/

    really?...isnt there already a patch in that thread?
    Oooh holidays, nice :3
    I am free thursday, the whole day I will be able to trade =)
    Or tomorrow evening around this time.
    What.. don't you take it back?

    My FC didn't change. Just I don't want people who are not friend to see my FC. I think almost friends in AS registerd my FC. In Japanese famous pokemon web site(that is not official), they trade and battle frequently, and they search opponent's FC by google. they have bad mouth.
    That's bad. Let's play pokemon together when you take back your 3ds.
    ?? I don't remember when I sent you wurmple...

    Btw, could you rewrite 3DS wifi code thread? I want you to delete my code for some reason.
    I'm sorry to cause you trouble twice. Thank you.
    Did you receive wurmple from me?? or is that a joke?:)

    Let's fish shiny garados!!!
    Heya Second~

    Uhm..Tomorrow I can probably be online around 08:00 PM until midnight. Can you be online then?
    Yay! :runhappy:

    Ok then, we'll trade tomorrow =)

    I'm doing ok. Been pretty busy with work lately and will be busy next week too.. :nekopara_dead:

    How about you?
    Hiya Second, I bred you the little fishy~

    Pokemon: Feebas
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Swift Swim
    Nature: Modest
    Characteristic: Capable of Taking hits
    IVs: 31/x/31/31/31/31

    If we trade, do you want me to give it a Prism Scale so it will evolve when you get it? :fulfilled:
    I won't forget Second :runhappy:

    Yay! I'm getting Alpha Sapphire too :3 But mainly becomes many years ago I bought Pokemon Ruby. So getting Sapphire this time makes sense to me :3
    Just a few more days before I can get it :runhappy:
    not yet, distracted with other gameX(

    i think there is another one will be released next month...and not short like those four
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