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  • Nice figures!

    Yes, I have a PS4, but I don't have DW8. I only have Tomb Raider Definitive Edition, and Killzone
    You got Waifu? :0.. :runhappy:

    New addiction I see xD I bought another new Ikaros Figure too but it's release is in August.. Will have to wait long.. :deadsad:

    Glad to see you around again. Don't forget me..visit us time to time :3
    Second~! :runhappy:

    I'm alright ^^ Nothing much happening, just regular days with work and stuff~
    How about you? ^^ Haven't seen you in a while :0

    Glad to hear from you again ;3
    @genki, I'm alright today :j

    What goes around comes around; < checks up on you, hope you been doing alright in the meantime.
    hm...hope that your hdd doesn't get error like mine=D

    i haven't seen it but my friend ngekos there
    yeah...but your games is okay cause still in the dvd tho'...better search a new safe storage

    around 600 to 700 depends on the location and the size i think
    dunno...i just plug it to my pc and couldn't opened and error=/....
    just a few files that i could recover

    hmm...i don't know..i think i'll skip that for now, it's pricey in that area
    well..yes...usually i arrive at home on 8 to 10 pm at night=/...the office far from my home

    ah external hdd got messed up and all files in it is gone including vns, movies etc etc:laughpanda:
    i wonder if there are more safe storages=/ depends...8 hours for normal, but 10 hours if there are in busy times=/ bout you?

    lol...yea, dun have that much time again anyway=/...and i'm not into spamming like in the past
    haha..yes well, monday i got day off and looks like thursday i got one off too^^

    thanks, i'll do that:>
    sunday....i'm in the office right now tho'>.<

    unfortunately no...dun really like it:wasclose:
    the games not out yet, it'll out in 28th march.....i'll give the link later:>
    is the speed stable?...

    hmm....i think i'll need your help too for this month...but maybe when i already move to a new place
    btw second...are you still playing lovelyxcation2 and have its append till february?
    fine here...relaxing before busy with work again:goodtea:

    lol,,,thanks:>'s one of my first eroges, i didn't understand what to do when it couldn't be run back then
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