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  • ahh... okayyy.... no problemm :D
    so you planning getting one hatori-san..??? let me know if you already buy it.. :D
    mmmmm moshi..moshii...... sorry to bother you... do you have 3ds hatori-san..? if yes i do like add you so we can play together maybe... :) more person more merrier...
    thanks before..
    Hey, Hatori! Do you know a place where I might be able to buy Rune Factory 4 for 3DS? That's right, I'm gonna get a 3DS! :lmao: I live in Sweden and the shop I usually look at doesn't have any Rune Factory game except for Tides of Destiny so I'm a bit worried that they won't sell Rune Factory 4.
    * Hinode looks at Pink Turnip seed price... 980g for 3 seeds.
    * Hinode looks at Pink Turnip in general... 630g for selling 3 Pink Turnips that takes 4 days to grow.
    * Hinode is extremely confused right now.

    Please, explain >_>
    I am a great fan of the first series, vanilla and FA. Had some great times until the servers went away. And a lot of the player base.

    You just pay it mainly for the Single player?

    Thanks for meeting me.

    P.s I know there are still some that play it trough hamchi servers....
    Hey...Seen you around here and there and every now and then...You seem like an interesting fellow...

    Oh and wow you play Supreme Commander !! Vanilla/FA ?? or did you mean SC2 ?

    Oh and let me throw you a little AS tradition>
    Here I brought you a loli
    Okey to be friends ?
    I will have a look into it and see where I have placed some of those you have requested in the computer. I pretty sure I don't have cafe jelly waltz. So if you can provide the Japanese version of the game name, it will help so I can request it as well.
    Sorry for my rude, but may I ask you reup some of tinkle art visual, such as cafe little wish, magical tale, nemureru mori no ohime sama, cafe jelly waltz. Oh, and more great if you have some stuff like doujin. Only little wish make me find in half year, yet only die torrent or ps2 iso (T_T) Please, thank so much if you check this mes.
    Well I can only safely assume that there is a reason why. But anyway, I have to agree we have to wait and see what happens till then. I'll probably wait a little to see their verdict on the matter.
    so i'm not sure what the big deal is, the ksla thread is moded right now. :/ maybe because I decided on something without asking first :P it seems to be fine anyways~ it's a little sad really, i feel bad even tho I was trying to help x-x we'll just have to see what happens. -.-~
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