Happy Birthday to WsE!

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Oct 16, 2010
Happy Birthday to [MENTION=2736]WsE[/MENTION]; resident van-driving, aphrodisiac-using, monster-girl-loving pervert in league with Checkmate!

I presume there's gonna be a lot of children running around watching fireworks and stuff on New Year's Eve... it must be a bliss for you to have your birthday so close to it. Not to forget Christmas, which legitimises you to creep inside children's bedrooms uncontested, putting candies induced with God knows what.


/me flees.
WsE is known to drive a big van around kinder gardens. It's actually holiday, so he doesn't get to do it anymore.

Happy Birthday WsE
Happy Birthday to our S-Moderator WsE

Thank you thank you. <3

Love you all. <3

I once was given this encyclopedia of monster girls by WsE. He used to educate me on spider girls, centaur girls and dark matter girls and so on. I was like, what on Earth is he teaching me about? The scary thing is, I was starting to enjoy it...

Anyway, Happy birthday WsE! /me throws WsE a present

Happy b-day, WsE-san...~!!!

Dunno, which year you've, but for me is it matter, have you still good day(s), and I wish all the best for you in the future still and etc....~

PS: Stay still as ASF-kaichou^^/
Sounds to me as if I have some competition in the kiddie van department. :evillaugh:

Happy Birthday man.
I will be always forever scarred since the day you showed me monster girls.

happy birthday WsE
Monster girls are delicious. \o/

And thanks. <3
A bit late, but Happy Birthday WsE! Your monster-girl fetish still scares me xD
Happy Birthday....

What wrong with monster girls???? They need some loving too.....
Sorry if it kinda late, but

Happy Birthday ! :happybday:

Hope all you wishes come true and you'll be better person WsE :D
Happy birthday Check. Hope you have a good time with your family/friends.
Daww!!! You're so special WsE.

/me tosses maid into the van~... hmm forgot something... /me puts cat ears on maid then closes the door~
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