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    Hello there
  2. Greetings all. Sorry I cant take the time to greet you all better, but I've seen the msg's and mentions. Happy new year, I don't have time or ability now to answer individually, sorry, otherwise I would.

    Take care.
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    Happy New Year Genki and also for your family, let's a nice year be!!!
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    Happy B'day Genki, I wish you an successful and healthy future ahead!!!!!!!!!!
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    Hey there. Sorry, I always appear as being online on IRC because even when I myself am off or away I keep my IRC connected. Did you need anything? You know you could always poke me through the forum too―I realise I neglected replying back to our previous conversation, but if you do need something, I'm here.
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    Ecchi posts when you least expect it!
    Glad you liked them :3
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    Happy New Year!
  8. Merry Christmas! GenkiDan. from Japan ( ´∀`)つt[]
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    Nah, it's okay

    Yeah, been busy since that lol. Everything is good, just struggling with my thesis for now
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    Good day my Dear Genki!

    How are you? It's been a long time since I visited your profile, eh?
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About GenKiDan

Basic Information

Date of Birth
May 19
About GenKiDan
Prudentia et Veritas~ Amore et Cruentia cum Fide.

Even if I were to have a Dark Mind, I'll still at least have light for you.
May light and warmth fuel you from the inside, even if the sun stops shining and your surrounded by darkness. My heart will always be beating for you, whoever it is that you are that I know is out there.
But even if it would not come from me, or through me, IT, will always be there, you just have to find it yourself then. It has a beginning, and a source. And because I am loved by it, I have something to give,
because it was given to me first. But ultimately, you yourself must turn to the source of all things. Only He can provide fully. The one from the very beginning, the Love which started it all. You should begin to
know who it is I am talking about by now ?

[**July 26th 2012, I left AS expecting I would never be able to come back, but fate would have it otherwise. So here I am again Feb 11th 2013....Typing this...Though I'm not sure I'll be very active or not yet.
For anyone who knew and was worried or sad, ect. Sry for that. It is my intention to at least drop by again and let anyone who remembers me or not, to know I am still around. I've missed people from here,
I had some valuable times before my absence with some of you, while I was particularly vulnerable, and that meant something to me. More than you will ever know. And so, I will at least always remember that.

For now, I am but a wandering soul in the unknown annals of time, awaiting. The glory of faith. The dim yet strong memories of a love and purpose so true reminiscence in the heart that I shall not forget.

Don't look to me for a perfect example, I am not going to be one, but find him that is, it is He that it is written about. And it is He that you need. And by the blood, you may have eternal life and access to
the very source of it. Times will not remain like they are forever, though most of you subconsciously live in their minds expecting nothing but a perpetual now by default. That bubble will eventually have to
burst, when the time comes. But how many of you if any will ever listen to learn the truth of life ?

But you have no faith ? so you think you can't, but, you can. ...take the first step. And you shall have faith, from faith to faith. And faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. Romans 10:17
Now you know. Perhaps you will remember it when things get tough~
But maybe you also think you are not good enough ? All I can say is, none of us in that sense are. You do not need to let that stop you I assure you. But in the case you think you actually are, then— you got
a much bigger problem. And don't let people, no matter who they are, and no matter what they call themselves, spoil the true faith of God with their religion. Don't be shallow, and easily fooled: For anyone,
can call themselves anything, and by itself means nothing more than a name and still be the cause of a bad reputation through association.

At the end of course, it's your choice. Choose yourself, but time drips quickly away. If I didn't care, why should I bother telling you ? For no person enjoys the hurt of rejection or coldness of others when
it could be avoided. Especially from the ones you may like, and might have otherwise been your close friends. I am the one who would love you dearly, but the world does not care for such things and only
listens to it's own. The world is shrouded with a blindfold, and only cares for fun and games and its own ways until the end. And so with this, I am done. That which is true remains. And I see the true Love,
now only clearer, vs. the love of the world. Do you think it is of weakness ? Then you have not yet begun to understand strength.

But now then, with all that more serious stuff said and done, I don't intend to take your fun away, so lets just be Merry! If we can, Together. You may take it for whatever it's worth to you.


Misc links

Infiltration of the Truth Movement:

100 reasons why Evolution is stupid:

Aetas et Terra
Truth & Right. Blood & Passion. And the Love which remains forever. Something else? Okay: Music


  Spoiler: Video Contest 2014 
Video Contest Thread link

  Spoiler: Doom & Gloom; not the prettiest sig around: you been warned, click if you want. 
And so, the destruction came. But how many saw it coming.
War comes! But when they say Peace & Security, beware.

Know that I loved in a true way, know that I spoke in a true way and cared from the heart. Even if no one cares.


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