Rewatching Gakkou Gurashi BD Rips...
Best high school life gone wrong anime ever...
Heavy Object 16 - have a certain skill for making beautiful, yet really dangerous and borderline yandere women fall for you. I don't know whether that's something to which deserves envy....or condolence.
Schwarzesmarken latest/newest ep. - The atmosphere there is epic...Xd
Go Princess PreCure 50 (Final)

GPP turned out to be a pretty good series, overall. It started a bit light at the beginning, but the more the story developed, the stronger and more serious the stories got.

If you like Magical Girl Anime, Go Princess PreCure is worth watching.
Well time for another update!

I watched Monogatari Series: Second Season, which had a few really good arcs, and a few that I didn't like (especially didn't like the Hachikuji arc). Other than the few bad spots, this season was a decent reminder of why Bakemonogatari is probably still my favourite slice of life.

Also somehow Kaiki managed to become my favourite character with his arc, which was really fantastic, and I didn't see coming at all. I'd say it is certainly worth a watch if you like slice of life focused on character dialogue and interaction, and if you don't like an arc it's more or less fine to just skip to the next one.

I tried watching Bounen no Xamdou and dropped it 6 episodes in. The opening for this series (as in a good deal of the first episode) was fantastic, and I was pretty blown away by the animation quality (they put a lot of extra budget into the first episode).

Then it got really boring, and started to feel really familiar, so I looked it up and sure enough it was Studio Bones, and they were more or less just rehashing Eureka Seven. The main character is really bland, and all the supporting staff just feel like washed out trope knockoffs. The plot seemed rather boring from what I saw too.

Log Horizon was pretty good. It was more or less the "SAO but not complete shit" that I was told it would be. I enjoyed that everything quickly went to politics and a rush for industry, which is kind of in line with what I would expect to happen after a few weeks/months of being stuck in a fantasy game world.

There were a few weird and ham-fisted plot developments, but overall the plot was entertaining enough. One thing that I found odd was that they kept building up the main character as this great strategist, and then the first time we see him in a fight where it looks like he'll have to employ a lot of strategy to win... he just doesn't. His strategy is basically "get lots of DPS yo", and has a lot of buildup for things that after the fact I have a difficult time seeing as there being any point behind at all. I'd say it's worth a watch if you like the fantasy genre (I think this would still count as fantasy?).

And today I finished Sekai Seifuku, which surprised me by being pretty fantastic. I went in with really low expectations, and they did some really skillful play of gags that I very rarely see used. Unfortunately, the females in the show have an allergy to clothes, it would seem, which docks it several points in my book, making me hesitant to recommend it to people. It's kind of weird too, because despite the ridiculous clothing, there actually isn't all that much fanservice based gags I can think of -- they did it once or twice, but it was rarely a lasting focus.

That gripe aside, they had some really fantastic moments, and had a really great use of their gags -- often referencing back to some offhand comment or short scene half the season ago at just the right time for it to have a huge payoff.

I might actually use a scene or two from this show to replace my sadly deceased signature gif.
Boku Dake ga Inai Machi episode 04... I just hate how this show kicked me in the vitals at the end...
Boku Dake ga Inai Machi episode 04... I just hate how this show kicked me in the vitals at the end...

I'm afraid there will be more vital kicking before this show is done. All I'm hoping for is that he saves those that needs be saving....and someone kills that bitch I can't even bring myself to call a "mom". Also, I'm voting Kayo best heroine of the season.

In happier news! Heavy Object 17 - .....scratch that happier part, Qwenthur you deserve a yandere filled hell. Another dangerous yet beautiful woman becomes attached to you? And even a possible non-dangerous one!? But that quick thinking line you gave to the Princess, I give you my approval for that one.

Gate 17 - Hmm....they cut out a lot of small yet very important details from the last few episodes. I know they have to contain things so that it'll fit into an episode but those cuts gave good background insights into various characters.

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