1. A

    Looking for some recent game recommendations

    ive recently played: Kaero dungeon escape Nursery slime Spooky milk life summer memories the time i got reincarnated as an orc been looking for some new games to play similar to these 5 i prefer recent games (within last 5 years) but not required. and content wise anything is fine as long as...
  2. A

    Dating sim-type games with actual gameplay ?

    Once upon a time (2004) there was a game called Kakyūsei 2. You picked a girl to win over, walked around a map to find where she was going after school so you could talk to her and get close, asked her out on a date after some time, decided if she was ready for a goodbye kiss after a few dates...
  3. I

    Otoge Blog Recommendations?

    Hello everyone! :alice_happy: As stated in the title, I would like to know of any otoge blogs to read? I've seen only quite a few blogs that have had a recent update this year, and I'm not too keen on twitter haha ;; Currently I follow: otomeland, breadmasterlee, leafydream, yumemirusekai. Do...
  4. Y


    Right so. Hope I'm posting this in the right thread. I was hoping I could get a few recommendations for things to watch. I'm still new to the wonderful world of anime, so I've only really watched more mainstreamstuff like NAruto and One Piece. There are a few exceptions of course, that helped...
  5. M

    Need manga recomendation pls

    hi there guys first time posting on this thread and I seek for a recommendation from if you please the ones I read and and enjoy most are these. *Minamotokun monogatari *Kangoku gakuen *Love junkies *Sun ken rock in this order if you could recommend something similar that would be awesome...
  6. monami

    Need ghost anime recommendation (like Tasogare Otome x Amnesia)

    Hi Can anyone recommend me good anime about ghosts?:alonescared: I watched Another and Tasogare Otome x Amnesia. it can be a little ecchi and funny ^^ TY
  7. T-ELOS

    Anime Recommendations Needed

    Hello ASF. Starting next month, I will be staying with my older brother in Texas (NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!) for at least a few months while I continue my school. The main reason I am going is because my brother and his wife have very demanding jobs, and need a bit of help to watch the house, and the kids...
  8. pezzzmandel

    recommendations wanted

    i've enjoyed these recently: Mirai Nikki, BTOOOM! and just started Gantz. i was wondering if anyone has a recommendation that they enjoyed, that would fit in with these? something on the darker side i guess you'd call it ;) any help appreciated :)
  9. Silver Crystal

    Need manga recommendation.

    I'm looking for a manga like Cage no Eden/Eden no ori where there's a struggle to survive with classmates or something along these lines.. Thanks before ;)
  10. shinigamidaiko

    Manga recommendation

    Hi everyone, can you recommend any manga like Nisekoi and Last Game ?
  11. pichu655889

    J-RPG Recommendations

    I've been meaning to try my hand at this genre of games for a while now... where should I start? Any recommendations for J-rpgs out there? Games that run on a PC only please, I don't own any gaming consoles :forsaken: Thanks!
  12. Alpha_stigma

    Light novels

    I don't know if this is the correct section but I am looking for recommendations on light novels, I recently got into them and want more like Seirei no Tsukai no Blade Dance, Campione!, Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi, and Sword Art Online. Basically the genres I am looking for are Fantasy, magic...
  13. WildArms

    -Animated- Eroge recommendations

    Hello everyone, i know there shouldn't exist tha~at many, but i'm wondering if someone could name me some animated eroges, since i've found some good ones, and would really like to know if there are others unknown to me. When i say animated, i dont mean that it just has animated CGs (tho elf...
  14. X

    Swinging any recommendations?

    Hello. I would like to get any recommendations with swinging (swapping partners) manga/anime Thanks :)
  15. Z

    Hentai Recommendations

    I like to browse hentai when I'm bored. Any good suggestions? It can be visual novels, manga or animations. I like Netorare, Cheating, High School Girls, Housewife, etc. stuff like that. Make it close to those genres. :D
  16. Second_Flight

    Need Recomendations about NDS game

    hii..... just with the title say... Please give me recomendations what game i should play at NDS... i like game like luminous arc 2... rpg.. with japan audio and subs... that kind of game.. or even cooking mama... Thx for reading this and much Appreciated if give me some recomendations... CIao~~~
  17. FinalPyre

    What anime are you currently watching?

    I've been looking for a thread like this for a while, and it doesn't seem to exist, so I figured that I might as well make one. I depend on rides to get to university, so I often end up having TONS of spares (like five hours in a day). So I trans-code anime and put it on my tablet to watch while...
  18. S

    Anime recommendations for me

    Hi all, Posted anime recommendations thread before, I was quite into ecchi but now I am getting a bit bored of them. My list of anime that I have watched. My favourites are (non-ecchi): * Ao no exorcist * Angel beats * Death note Can you please...
  19. Jason_Bourne

    Need recommendations!

    Hey guys, please recommend me some good anime series :) Here's a list of anime series(movies not included) which i liked: Steins;Gate Death Note GTO Hajime no Ippo Code Geass (R1+R2) [ENG Dub] Claymore Monster Samurai Champloo Rurouni Kenshin: Wandering Samurai (Episode 01 - 63) [ENG Dub]...
  20. Alpha_stigma

    Looking for anime to watch

    I am trying to find an anime where a guy ends up either living with or having a close relationship with a girl who just kind of shows up, like sumomomo momomo.