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  • Happy birthday, imouto! I hope everyone is showering you with love, birthday wishes, and everything you could have ever wanted! Have a great day! :lapi_birthday:
    Yes >< I'll find it though ^^ and install it ^^ I need to play a bit of it to get a understanding ^^
    have you played any new games lately?^^
    that's basically the same reasons keeping me from deciding on voting or not.

    Do you have an interest in history as well? Just wondering with some of the things you were saying about WW II and the Nazi Party.
    hmm, could have sworn we were already friends. Oh well, sent a friend request.
    Thanks for understanding, but still, I'm sorry again :deadsad: I shall not miss imouto's dear birthday next year! :swearveng:

    How have you been, by the way? :rr_hug:
    Wah, I missed imouto-chan's birthday?? :shocked: Uuuh, I'm so sorry :alice_cry::akazukin_sorry:

    Happy very belated birthday!! I hope you had an incredibly wonderful one! :miku_present:
    You changed your username o.o
    According to Sekai Kickstarter page The Labyrinth of Grisaia should release next week.
    /me glomps Nebby
    Happy B'day Admiral^_^!

    Enjoy your special day with your beloved ones (included with the kanmusume's and neko's...xD) and stuff, live long and healthy!
    -tackles you- +w+ will you be mah maid ?+W+
    I will die if you will discipline me like that ;w;
    *huggles Nebby*

    but I might be a liiiiitle naughty for a younger brother ;<
    Otouto-kun? sounds funny haha ♥
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