1. animeflyer

    what keeps the harem genre going?

    I've noticed for a while now no matter which harem there is, there's always a debate on these points: character, story and ecchi placement. So I'm curious. What do you all think is more relevant and which complements that one?
  2. Thwm

    Favorit Hentai

    Hey guys :nekopara_hi: I ask you, what is your favorite Hentai Anime/Manga/Game and which Genres is it? :nekopara_confused: All Genres are ok:) My favorite Hentai Anime is: Kowaku no Toki (蠱惑の刻) His Genres are: Beastiality, Large Breasts, Rape, Hardcore, BDSM :wasclose: Hope it´s the right...
  3. T-ELOS

    Best Romance Anime?

    I just finished watching Lovely Complex, and was pleasantly surprised how much I actually enjoyed it. That was the first romance anime I have seen to the end, so I am not to familiar with the genre. So I was wondering what everyone's favorite romance anime is?
  4. InorixShu

    this summer season 2013~~

    Since I was on vacation and be back in four days I wanted to ask what animes in ur opinion are the best this season and I should watch~ :fulfilled: I dont have a specific genre that I like~~~
  5. Murakumo

    Is Breath: Toiki wa Akaneiro yuri genre?

    So is this NDS VN game of the yuri genre? I want to know before planning to get it or not.
  6. FinalPyre

    What anime are you currently watching?

    I've been looking for a thread like this for a while, and it doesn't seem to exist, so I figured that I might as well make one. I depend on rides to get to university, so I often end up having TONS of spares (like five hours in a day). So I trans-code anime and put it on my tablet to watch while...
  7. ~SnowAngel~

    What Music Genres do you like???

    I probably won't hit every one of them~ and there's certainly alot that I don't know XD but anyways~ share the kind of music you like (video?), or describe it~ :P here's a wiki of TOO MANY genres X_x I'll try to have a good bit in the poll~ sorry if I miss something >.< I hope we can learn...
  8. emo_ome

    Anime Genre?

    Do anime have genre like songs or movies? Well my thinking process of anime is like this: Manga is the comics in Japan. Anime is still Anime. Cartoons made by the Japanese people and alike. Hentai is something sexual. Well I think everyone knows hentai even w/o the anime I think. ;) Ecchi is...
  9. W

    What is your favorite manga genre?

    What's your favorite manga genre? What kind of style or element do you prefer in reading manga? You know, ecchi, comedy, slice of life, historical, etc. I personally prefer comedy with the dash of ecchi. They both fit very well.
  10. Baka

    Touhou Music Sharing Thread

    It seems there are people in this forum that can potentially be converted into Touhou music lovers. And nothing fires me up more than discussing about Touhou So i am starting this thread :fluteangel: Touhou music spans into every genre you could possibly think of, and into genres you probably...
  11. Perplexing

    What genre(s) of anime do you prefer?

    Simple question. Just want to see what everyone likes. Could be interesting to know as I might like a genre that someone else doesn't like or hasn't really checked it much, which could then lead to some good recommendations for us. Hell I'd say of the 400+ shows I've seen I would say 50 or so...