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  • I hope you are doing well Perplexing and are in a much more stable place in life.

    Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.
    Hey Perplexing, how's it going? Nice to see you have posted a bit yesterday.

    Reading Coro's last post here I gather you have another kid? 'Grats man.
    Congratulations on your third child. :)
    Hope things will clear up, but it's good to hear you're back to being active here as well. :)
    Hi Perplexing. ^^
    It's been indeed quite a while - I kept busy in the meantime, how about you?
    You're sorely missed here - people have even asked for you before. :(
    Any break from work in sight or will you have to trudge through it for some time more?
    Happy new year 2012! damn time difference. When you visit here I'm on work and when I'm here you're not online :D
    I want to thank you for some of the thought provoking topics you started. Your posts are the type that build a community stronger bonds by making people talk and respond with honesty instead of the usual "bubble gum" posts. All these otaku need ppl like you to make them think about more and actually get to know each other. I hope this message finds you well. I posted in 2 of your topics in a way that will probably shock some a little. I kept the secret for 11 months now but i feel it needs to be said on the off chance someone may get something usefull or helpfull from my unique position and point of view on your topics of "do u want kids" and "do u fear death". If anyone gets a lesson or is helped by my contribution then it will be worth it. Again I hope you are well and hope you come back soon. You are my favorite topic starter here. It's official. Thanks again for the thought provoking topics and keep em comin!
    "That's a BINGO!" - Inglorious Basterds
    She just too darn cute for me to not use her as an avatar. :D
    Oh, that one. :D
    I'm sure you'll get to see her again, coz I put them on rotation, every month.
    Currently I have 16 avatars on standby for this forum site.
    Miss the old avatar? Which one? Yours or mine? :D
    BTW, I see that you use your older avatar back. Just couldn't get away from Saber, eh? ;)
    Thanks for keeping me updated, hope you get back fast here. I was working all weekend so was not onsite since Saturday morning I think it was.
    Perp sensei!! Thats too long :( The fileserve problem im having is being unable to unsubscribe to the monthly payment* i used credit card* and it doesnt seem to work with jdownloader or with their manager.
    Come back soon :/
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