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  • Hey girl! I have been on the road with Janet to a few different states and places for her work. We are in NY at the moment to head to England tonight. I got my laptop with me and they said 100% for sure Ill have internet at the place where we are staying so I will be on, also will drop MSN on my Laptop for you as well. Miss U! :)
    YAY! I got a message WHOOT! hehe <3 I should be putting MSN back on my PC today since it is all finished now, so will be back on MSN again. Miss having you around. :)
    Hahaha, mm goi sai ne.
    Same goes with your as well. Always carrying that melon around. Kawaii~! XD
    Kawaii!!!!! Ikaros!!!! hehe Sorry, I have been very sick the past few here, but am back! Hope things are going good :)
    Sorry Ikaros hun I have been working all weekend, thought it was just going to be a few hours on Saturday, well I did not get done with everything until last night at 2AM. :(
    hmm, I have not watched Freezing yet, it is downloaded and on my drive to watch just have not gotten to it as yet :(
    Actually I am wondering if this may be the issue. If not then disregard :)

    When you click on a link that take you to fileserve you then proceed to login however once that is done it takes you to the dash board and not the file you want to grab. Go to fileserve first and login. Then without closing the browser go to the site that has the fileserve link and click on it. It should then pop up the download window that you get when grabbing a file. This is irritating but it's the better way to do things.

    Assuming of course this is what is happening that has you confused. :)
    I'll be back online Saturday 08/27/2011. :)

    Also not trying to be nosy :P but I seen you had a question about fileserve. If you have not figured it out by then let me know as I use them almost daily for anime. :)
    Hi hun, no sorry I do not use those sites :( I am not sure. Sorry I did not see you had wrote to me on my all before I went to bed or I would have answered sooner. I use Torrent, and I have a FTP Server in my home on my Windows Home Server to get files to people so never got a account at one of those places.
    -whistles- Wow you're good! Knowing me, I'd probably just mess around when I'm a higher level lol
    Nice! I'm one myself lol. Dang, I couldn't get to 24 today...only got up to 14, considering theres LOTs of maintenance and lagging going on. Oh well, I'm pretty patient~ My main is a Warrior, whats your main?
    Yep, unfortunately its not x.x Dang, I was looking forward to playing with someone from Anime Sharing on there. I'm only level 12 on there right now :0
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