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  • Ken!!! I miss you so much
    Thank you for worrying but please don't worry more since I'm okay, you're always kind my dear :)
    Alright glad you're okay since that is the most important, will be waiting for you!
    I love you too my dearie, glad you're okay *hugs*
    I hope you're safe there...(:
    Hey vært litt opptatt med det virkelige liv
    happenings . Jeg husker deg Ken.
    Bare måtte ta vare på noen personlige saker.

    Viking Heritage alltid!
    Thank you for the friend request KenShjIN~ A pleasure to meet you!
    Hagl odin alltid, herre alle vikinger
    Han våker over deg og jeg alltid
    og våre familier
    avstand fra hverandre kan vi være
    men alltid forent i Valhalla
    Ken ... bare sjekke opp på deg
    se om du er bra og alt.
    kjempe på min venn

    sparke liv i ansiktet.
    Haha ~ well I don't want Ken to leave~ lets blame the net :D haha~ x3 All of my memories with Ken woke up,especially the ones we had the most fun time with :D like this or that thread :D
    Please please no need to feel sorry~ I know your rose was not shaped as heart or many...but it was single like an heart x3 thank you very much ~ I first got it from you and it made me super super happy x3 and the way you sent your message is so adorable now I really missed Ken a lot >.< you're the biggest present for me!for being my friend,my family,my lovely!these are the best gifts ever ❤
    How're you feeling sweetie~?I'm doing alright,everything is pretty fine (: I miss posting to there too,I'm going to start re-posting again soon^-^ <3 2000 kisses <3:chuuni_kyun:
    Sup viking bro! I changed my name back to what everyone knows me as wuuu.
    Also I've been away for ages I know this, but things had come up.
    As they are no longer as frequented, I can spend time here with my AS pals.
    Is military service required in Germany? What type of unit are you in? One of my brothers is in the Air Force, my other brother was in the Military Police in the Army, but was injured in Iraq so he is medically retired now. I never joined, but have been considering joining the Air Force Reserves.

    That's good pay, 2000 Euro a month is good, and you should get more in Syria since you will be deployed.

    How do you like working in the restaurant? Sounds fun.
    Hey man what's up? Yeah I watched the games last night. Cardinals/Panthers game was embarrassing lol. I don't know if the Broncos can stop them, it will be tough. Should be a good game though. Can't wait for it either.

    Also can't wait for baseball season, Cubbies gonna win it all!

    How are things in Germany?
    That's cool! Thanks buddy! It took me long enough lol
    I hope to make all times on here fun.
    That's true. Though death is our equal
    as with life.

    to spam kingdom! fight on!
    I am back! I see you missed me? bro fists
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