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  • No man. Think the Cubs will win next year! They have a good young team and picked up some key players with trades.
    Haha, thanks!

    Never too late as long as it's still the first month, I guess! :XD:
    I wouldn't call it late... after all, the new season's animes are coming out this weekend... sooo...

    Happy New Anime Year 2016!!! :cheerleader:
    See ya dude. Keep marching on.
    Wishing you a happy new year!
    明けましておめでとうございます!(Akemashite Omedetou Gozaimasu!)

    Yeah I did, thanks for asking. : )
    I hope all goes well for your medication. talk soon.
    Hey there. Are you doing okay?
    I feel that you were feeling blue this time in the threads?
    Good morning dear~~

    How're you doing~ (:

    I hope everything is okay around you~

    Awww dont worry your mind and relax a bit,and aww thank you~ you're such a sweet person,be happy and all smiley in 2016 and possibly forever x3~~~

    And about astrology,well people has their own reasons believing or not but there's more behind the horoscopes,its abooout stars,planets,the whole universe (:

    Always love you~*hugs* take care dear~~

    Merry Xmas!!!

    Wishing you and all of your family&friends to have the best new year~!
    Thank you for including me with your friends. :nyanmusu_bow:
    Ah, lol... Not though...*^_^* You wasn't never a trouble for me, I had - and I do hope - that we even in the future our fun finding will, like we it already did.

    I do wish also for you and your family an enjoyable and nice Xmas, and soon an Happy New Year, 2016!
    You're like a knight~!

    I'm happy to hear that you want me to mention you again:fulfilled:~

    You told me that you don't believe in astrology though,is that okay?

    And about the problem's,well it's true.Us humans,need to deal our own stuff ourselves,buuut sometimes we need to remember that we're not alone in this big world,don't worry to show your emotions the people around you because there may someone or more wants to help you about the situation and that will make you happier right?

    So what I'm trying to say is,I'll help you because I want you to be happy and smile whatever happens!

    Well,life is short and we don't know when we'll end our visit to this world,so in this life that given to us.. why not live it happily~?

    They say,YOLO,but we dont live only once..we live everyday,and die once! so gotta make the life beautiful until the end~!

    Awww,I'm just an ordinary girl :) but thank you for the kind words(like always~)

    There's no way I would ever forget you too! Take care and have the BEST day~!!

    Then can I mention you on my thread again~?:fulfilled:

    And I hope that as well,slowly I'm getting less busier so it's a good thing~!

    I'm glad that you're doing fine,don't bottle it up of something happens.Come to me,I will listen all and try to help in whatever way I could help to make you feel better :)

    I feel like a guardian angel of you :P
    What? lol I thought we were role playing.
    I am gonna try my best to make something ttyl.
    Make me something ken, I am hungry >____<
    ok. I will LIVE ON somehow.
    I'll just keep on gathering the blood rubies to give to frank.
    He needs more human sacrifices for his great plan.
    Lols. K I will just sell my soul to frank a second time then.
    I think I will join the anti frank alliance, see how that goes.
    Master is no more!
    I'll think it over. Frank corps is fun to roleplay as.
    what do we do as the anti-frank alliance

    what fun is there in that?
    blood runs deep I agree. But power is everything. And I have that power to rule
    because of frank corps.

    He can help you, let him help you. Set you free from the shackles holding you down.
    Why are you fighting against, what is our destiny brother!
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