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    Thanks buddy! brofists. : ) That makes me really happy to hear you say that. : 3
    Cool give me some time. I'll get it done, today or definitely tomorrow.
    Thanks. I want to enter the SOTM Chrissy competition, but I am too lazy.... I might once I get a solid enough idea to work with.
    O.o I didn't see any of it.
    I've been making GFX shizz like crazy these days.
    hmm... :reallyconfused: Did I ignore you?
    I think you to be an important friend, so there is not at all the mind to ignore you. I'm sorry if I worried you. :goodluck:
    Hello my dear Ken,I wanted to tell you that how precious you are to me.You're so imporant,don't forget that.You're wonderful.Thank you for being here with me,that means a lot..hearing your most honest words means a lot..Im very emotional suddenly lol,thank you.I will admire your being forever!!
    Hmm... Hi Ken!

    And yeah, we did again long not more spoken, but sorry I was just damn busy and I couldn't for an period in ASF log in... And thanks, I do hope also for you and your family...xD!

    Well, feel free and drop quiet your messeages to me, I'll these so far I can reply^_^!
    You can always chat to me about it dude. We bros after all.
    I tend not to tell people my issues either, for less of a burden on them.
    I can see where you are coming from and I understand.
    If people hated you, you'd know and I don't think anyone here does.
    You are a good dude.
    Yes!I love kimini todeke so much!It had so many feels..I'm glad you like it,though I change my set very fast :P
    Dear Ken~

    I am very glad that you returned to the forum and to me..although time really passed a lot still it didn't change my feelings towards you..:) You never bothered me,never!You're so important to me..please know that..and of course its the same with people on here too :) we're a big family~

    If you feel bad don't ever go away please,instead come back here and express your feelings out then I'm sure even for a little it will make you happier..for example you can always talk to me I really enjoy talking with you~We can discuss about anything you like :)

    It makes me very happy to hear that you didn't forget about me..:)Thank you,for your kindness~

    Feel free to V.M or P.M anytime you like,I'm always ready:)
    Thank you soooo much for your lovely words..I'm sooooooo happy and glad you're back!This whole time I was thinking what happened to you very sudden..though you're back so it's all okay now :) Really missed seeing you here,missed your posts,missed everything!But for the most part,I'm so relieved that you're still healthy and alive..I was worried a lot!But again waited for your return and it feels like a miracle,maybe it sounds cheesy but I'm sure you'll understand me :)

    I will always care about you dear Ken!You're an amazing guy and great person with such a pretty heart!Don't ever let others take away your shining joy !Your glamorous words always makes me feel happy and at ease :)

    And me as well,I'm in your debt!!Don't ever feel worried,I appreciate every single thing you write for me,its so warm that makes me feel safe :)

    So thank you for being here again,let's have fun like always~~
    Nah. I cannot hate anyone. More so just move on and forget.
    That's all I want to do.
    I am kind of thinking you were intoxicated. No mind.
    We all act a certain way, under the influence.
    Take care of yourself buddy. No harm done!
    Where're you Ken:dontleave:...I'm sorry if I'm bothering you but I'm worried about you..I hope you're fine..:crushed:
    Yep heard that she regrets making them as a couple lol,it was interesting but not made sense cause there was always kinda special things going on with harry and hermione:goodtea: but Ron is good and funny too so I guess J.K thought it will better for her to be with Ron maybe dunno:P LOL I love every kind of house but my favourite is of course Gryffindor ~
    Oh my god yes!!! I wonder why J.k rowling made them as a couple xD,I ship harry and hermione too :goodtea:

    And yep very interesting plot and I love all those magical theme !
    I'm really glad you're happy then :) Hearing that made me want to watch the harry potter movies again! I love every movie and book of it,hope you'll have fun and enjoy! :goodtea:
    I always thought that 'wow she's so romantic,love letter's and stuff she always post is romantic..' but lol xD I'm so surprised right now,being that romantic and plus a guy is WOW,you're so so nice :)
    It doesn't matter if you're a guy/girl,we're still the same! Let's make this nice friendship more beautiful :goodtea:

    No probs of course! LOL,everybody thought me as a guy at first because I was using non-girly pics,,but omg I was so sure that you were a girl xD

    And yep! My dear Ken :goodtea:
    Lol I thought that too but well I couldn't resisted xD,thanks you really are a sweet girl I'm happy to talk with you again :)
    No no no no no dear! I'm not angry at all! Please don't misunderstand,lot's of things happened and it still happanes,I wanted to write my thoughts about Turkey.Don't worry I understand you :)
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