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  • I didn't had any intention to blame you or my country.But most of the people now is thinking how bad is living in Turkey.And I aggree that,because people "don't think" what to do here.They just eat what given to them.Well,sadly there's erdogan now on the top of the country,I wish Mustafa Kemal would come back and rescue the country from stupid actions and thoughts..
    lol,I'm good,thanks for asking :P

    wanted to check your page :bored:
    There's no need for thanking me here dear,just be yourself :goodtea:
    lol I don't mind at all,talk the way you want :gakuran_noprob:
    Hello, Ken-sama! It's been a long time. Thank you for worrying :)
    When I was busy and could not access ASF, nearly three months have just passed... :yelcard: I come more frequently from now on.

    Even Japanese TV broadcasts news of VW almost every day. Germany will be serious... Is your Golf all right?
    Hahah!!!! Its soooo nice hearing that.I still cant understand Erdogans politics too ugh our country is even getting attacks.Oh and good morning dear ^^
    Uh its 4.26 a.m gtg for now cya soon
    K my bad then well I dont see you as an evil douh:gakuran_stare:
    Heheh tons of people who shares same interests sounds nice and*im serious you are made out of sugar*:happywhistle:
    Lol Im a member of this site for a year but that time it was just checking for new games well now its different.Im looking forward for meeting new people like you :puniko_aha:
    Don´t be too kind....i´m melting ! :whistle: i´m glad too....if there´s something you wanna know about the forum or whatever just have lots of anime,eroge,otome stuff to download here...and lots of nice people already met Nanashi-sama...he´s a great person so enjoy your stay !
    I think god made you from sweets!Thats really cool thanks for being nice hun really glad to met cha!
    Meh my identity is a secret nut case lol buuut I love Germany and their people ! I have one friend here we live in the same flat and she is german too so anyways you seem so nice thanks for stopping by :goodtea:
    Hi dear~ lets get along well! Well Im living in turkey from Istanbul and im half greek and turkish.:goodtea: Nice to meet you too KenshjIN !
    Ehmm... O-hayou degozaru, Ken!

    Well, okay, I'm not angry because of it, it stand freely to change his/her siggy when always after the urge is... - Lol, don't worry, be cool! It's understandable the feelings after/for Emma Watson.
    I am fine. Just gaming and it is keeping me offline.
    sorry about that.
    If I was working, It'd be worse.
    I slept decent last night. But I had a nightmare. : (
    I am fine. I slept too long though xD Oh well.
    How are you?
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