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    I will give you the bullet you so longly seek brother.
    may you fight in hell for eternity, for blasphemy against frank corps.
    Don't worry dear,I'll be online yet not active like usual.Which probably will change next week,so hopefully I'll be active after dealing stuff in my life both work and personal :)

    The most thing that saddens me is,that I can't update my thread 'Astrology Cafe',once I mentioned you there but you didn't seem interested so..

    Ah anyways,I felt happy again with your sweet and friendly words :)

    I always see what you post to me so don't worry if you're thinking that I may ignore you,because that is pure nonsense.

    I would never ignore you,precious!

    Long long message,but I hope it makes you feel happy ~
    True story. I was at a swimming event in my teens. I was 12 or 13 at the time.
    I sunk to the bottom of the pool from fatigue and I was unconscious for 10 minutes.
    I saw my view of heaven, then was revived. :) I remember all the stares I got that day.
    Good morning dear Ken~

    Thank you,hearing that makes me smile and happy..I'm going to be inactive for a while here,so I hope to see you very soon :)

    Take care~
    We will march through hell together.
    Just feeling blue. Nothing really.
    Hello~ just wanted to say thank you for being a wonderful person both at forum and at real life :) You're an imporant being here and mostly to me.I care about you so much,let's talk again sometime:)
    Hey there! Sorry for the late reply, I forgot about it after rushing through a round of spam (and the notification went away after the first check, I think!). It's been okay so far, still in my third month of actual work in an office. I'm still quite beset by doubt and all that though; I was never really that comfortable with things, but I guess that's what happens when you enter the workplace so late. :deadsad:
    Lol, lol, lol, lol, lol, loooooooooool... Stop, otherwise I get the tears...xD Lol, I trying always a rational person to be, what this sometimes very hard seems. You should rather the things from all sides see, and try the best soliution for you to find (but not in any case the, what you for yourself thought have - Keywords: "I was aout to do some stupid things"), you should as nice further live, because you've still more as the half of you life ahead, where then...^_^
    Hey Ken, I'm just a normal human, like you, where then...xD And yeah, K-chann is a class for herself, indeed... - We're no in vain soul mates...xD
    Morning? Rather afternoon, but anyway... Hi Ken, and really? She has such things made with you...xD?
    As long as you are doing what's right for you, then I support it.
    Lol ! im a reserve officer.Served for 6 years but i hated that ! I was serving in Kfor in kosovo for 2 years and it was hell !...i hated it.Now i´ve been told to come back to Calw.That is where all foreign Bundeswehr army forces are meet.March the 12´th i have to be there.I doubt i´ll go to afghanistan or irak.I lack training and combat experience...still theydon´t want to say what the fuck is going on...
    Everyone has to do their bit after all.
    Fight strong and kill lots of terrorists.
    Thank you for thy message, fellow brethren, I hope as ones who dwell in the darkness of insanity shall be filled with great chaos and amusement.
    (Thanks for the visit message and lets get along!)
    Hm :o?

    No dear everything is totally fine :)
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