I got 36 stars once, but spiral just keeps changing for the harder and Im basically at the power cap of f2p... only have skills and deep math to work on after this @_@

That sounds like a great roll xD Has alll the best stats at base... aside from the def but yeah noelle can use it...~

I was almost down to 10 more at some point as well xD The 600k from spiral is my lifeline every two weeks.. and I guess the 150k from weekly stuff too~
Reddit would say that 36* as F2P is entirely viable though, even if it's hard as nails. As for the artifact I was intending it for Noelle so having it go quite well gave her a boost to her critical damage. Went from ~54% CR to 49.7%, but ~94% to ~112% CDMG instead. I'm still hoping for a good CDMG Gladiator circlet someday; currently still using a DEF one.

The scrounging for mora is real when I have to do things like getting the 10k from the patch preview page, doing surveys, and visiting inspection points to grab even the littlest bit of cash for an upgrade. I'll be happy once my last 7 characters hit 80/90, I've pushed relevant skills to 8 on key characters, and finished all weapons to 90; planning to take it easy like the rest of the playerbase once that happens, but I figure I'd be lucky if I manage to hit that by the end of the year, what with Inazuma's cast incoming.
Oh, 36 stars is possible... Im just not good enough to get it :DDD I could go and throw a few months into perfecting artifacts for slightly more power but that sounds boring... I settled for above average with at least two crit or energy regen upgrades basically =w= Oh, youre building dps noelle? It seems fun but I just can get myself to build up noelle since I have no team that really uses her xD

I gave up on most of them after getting to 20 for the free fate xD Focused on getting two teams for the abyss and upgrading a support to 60 whenever the abyss makes them useful~
I'm building everyone just so that I've got a hobby in the game, a reason to keep playing when content dries up. It also gives me a bit of freshness in daily commissions as I pick my friendship teams and try to make them work against whatever comes at them; I've had to play 3 claymores once vs Eye of the Storm, and triple cryo and one pyro vs the Monstadt talent domain (read: true pain). Yesterday I had no ranged so I had to use Xingqiu ult to clear hilichurls on a tower instead and to shoot the Eye flying above me. For friendships I only have Xingqiu at Level 8; the rest are all 9 so I expect to clear a good number at 10 before Ayaka drops.

Yep, and I was pretty excited when Noelle hit C6. Since she's the one I call in for the most dangerous situations, it's even better when she can also heal and slap in one package in addition to her shields (although the 3rd day event challenge at 3,900 points proved impossible even for her!). I have Ningguang for battery and ranged support/Geo enhancing. Tonight I had my friends do co-op samurai and in the end we settled for 3,850 points after failing 6-7 times; the last one we did it because I had Noelle with Favonius Greatsword tanking the cryo samurai while my friends targeted the anemo one further away. Easy MVP for Noelle from all of us. As I said back then: "Sasuga maid-sama" :menft:
Oh, my friendship team is my dailies team xD I just rotate out characters as they hit 10 friendship... which makes most of my good characters unplayable :dead: I was running a fischl team, which changed to beidou, and now its a ning, xinyan, noelle, amber team xD

Ahh, Im running the event with friends so I have someone to suffer with meh :runhappy: Timer kind of screws non optimized teams... Havent done the last one yet since everyone was busy today xD Is noelle better than zhongli for you? ;p
Honestly, if Inazuma wasn't on the horizon and we had no news of Yoimiya, Ayaka, Sayu, and co, I'd say that in a month or so I'd max out everyone on my roster in terms of 80/90, 6/6/6, and friendship. Even so I think I'll still probably max out soon enough anyway because I doubt I can afford getting both Ayaka and Yoimiya at the same time (not to mention Baal and whatnot), and I missed Yanfei while waiting for Eula. Guess companion exp will be pointless soon enough. :goodtea:

We usually run the second level of timer, since we aren't built enough for the shortest timer (only one of us has level 89/90 with farmed artifacts, the rest of us are level 80/90 with 'good enough'). Given that I don't have Zhongli, Noelle is pretty much the only true shield bearer. Diona takes care of the second team in Abyss.
Are you going to farm artifacts after maxing everyone out?

Yeah, c2 diona is great for primo geovishap since she can just shield everyone xD I also run long/medium timer with my group~ Well... we usually test a no timer run first and then put a timer and up the difficulty after seeing how it plays~ Diona doesnt feel like she heals enough in the abyss @_@ Bennett ticks are super fast so he heals a ton... Jean, barbara, and qiqi heal the whole group at once... and a pretty significant amount... while Diona heals only the person on field and not particularly fast... Im still missing the hp piece so I know she can heal more... but it really isnt a lot...
My next objective after all are 80/90 (yesterday I brought Chongyun up, now planning on Kaeya since I bought his C2) is to raise key skills to 8, then bring key characters to level 89: Keqing, Hu Tao, Childe, Noelle/Ningguang (depending), Ganyu, Sucrose, and Eula (Eula being Physical). One major DPS from each element, essentially. Artifacts will come far in the future unless I really need a new set (like Ayaka with the rumored new domain artifacts meant for her).

Mine tends to go for as many debuffs as we can with the medium timer right from the start, then remove bits here and there if we can't make the timer or get wiped. The craziest has got to be the multiple hypostasis back then since we went through different tactics including throwing as many of us as possible at the cubes, as fast as we can respawn. Bennett seems a little slow for me, but then I only heal about 2,500 per tick instead of the 5,000 that some people seem to have. I got him to C3 yesterday from Kazuha's banner, including C1 Rosaria.

Diona would really be best for melee in coop, pretty much like Bennett; the time I took Bennett to the samurai few days back my friend's Ganyu really suffered. In solo I make sure she's shielded the team before popping out whoever needs the healing. She does have all HP% pieces but not the x4 Maidens (only x2), assuming I didn't mention that previously.
Are they going to do that again... new domains... then again... having alternate sets would be nice since the pyro set is essentially just made for diluc and no one else :sigh: I want to level ning at some point but Im just being stubborn xD

The hypo cubes suckeeddd... especially the geo cube... I couldnt survive the aoe since I had no shield characters built up and even fully built dps end up with like 15-20k health... which it one or two shots... In terms of amount healed... bennett should theoretically be the best... but only for those in the field... Im not sure how much he heals atm, but I never feel like my bennett team ever needs healing xD

I have heal % and energy recharge on diona... currently missing the hp piece which should bring her 4k per pop to 6k or so~ She also has cryo resonance with ganyu so I guess thats fine...~ Bennett just has the benefit of stacking a ton of atk on everyone in his field... with the drawback or benefit of applying pyro depending on whether youre using it as a cleanse or taking more damage due to it xD

Been stuck in spiral for the last few days... 35 stars and like 15 seconds off of the last one... cant kill the abyss guys fast enough xx
I hear Xiangling and Bennett could use CWoF as well, though maybe Lavawalkers for the former. Trial Klee also uses CWoF.

The Geo cube in particular was the source of many wipes since there were occasionally too few shield crystals to keep everyone from being blasted. Anemo was just a waste of time, but we made it eventually. In terms of ER, Bennett in my roster would win if he ever gets to below 70%, since that'd trigger his C2. I already have Chongyun resetting his Q costs on cast sometimes when Sucrose is involved, and he has 174% ER; I can only imagine how 259.1% would go, lol.

I've actually been a little lazy in Genshin these past few days to the point that I'm procrastinating doing more than commissions and ensuring my resin isn't capped; I'm even finishing my artifact inspection run right now. :ordercourt:
CWoF requires 3 uses of ability within quick succession to make full use of it... which just doesnt happen for everyone else... Im running two crimson and two nobless on xiangling since her ult is her strongest point anyway..~

I dont really remember the anemo cube in the event but it does waste a lot of time yeah... 200% er is very nice for most characters xD Can get ults super quickly~ Probably more than they really need xD

Ive been semi lazy since there isnt really much to do outside of dailies and the event xD The event is basicallyyy done as well..~
I'm using CWoF on Hu Tao, farmed a reasonably good 5* set with CR/CD/HP% after less than a week using fragile resins, which included a goblet. Sure, she doesn't get to fully utilize its passive but the guide I read back then called it still a good choice.

Tried the ER with today's run with my friends on the triple samurai run. Quite good, though still a little slow at times on energy since Diluc went down now and then. The other times his CD wasn't fast enough to keep up with the energy, which meant more dead Dilucs. Amazing part was that I managed to doggedly stick to the samurai even as two of my pals went down, though I still had to eat a lot of Universal Peace since Bennett's healing didn't tick enough (I think it was 3,400 or so, but still way below the damage sent his way). In the end after redoing a few challenges here and there we all completed the event, with my final score being 31,000 points.

Honestly been a little lazy myself since I got addicted to playing Stream Raiders on Twitch and watching Eternal Return streams, haha. I even rushed through my usual runs in 1 hour before our meetup. At least there's a new event which I've saved for coop just for fun.
Yeah, four piece crimson isnt bad... it just never feels optimal... guess it does boost reaction damage so that helps too~

Lol my group decided on 31000 points as well xD We could theoretically get like 2-3k more but we thought... why bother... we already have the points xD Yeah, diluc tends to have a longer cooldown than energy regen... good thing his pyro infusion basically lasts as long as the cooldown so he basically have permanent pyro swad~

The kaboom ball thing or you mean in other games?
Yeah, four piece crimson isnt bad... it just never feels optimal... guess it does boost reaction damage so that helps too~

Lol my group decided on 31000 points as well xD We could theoretically get like 2-3k more but we thought... why bother... we already have the points xD Yeah, diluc tends to have a longer cooldown than energy regen... good thing his pyro infusion basically lasts as long as the cooldown so he basically have permanent pyro swad~

The kaboom ball thing or you mean in other games?

Might be probably unclear, but I was using Bennett when I mentioned the CD/ER; it was my friend doing all the dying. :laughpanda: Would've been interesting to push harder, but my group doesn't have much time (one of them has a strict midnight limit due to work) and they prefer to just do our best within the time period than come back again and again over multiple days.

Yep, that badminton/tennis like event. I played it first with my friend though he says that duos is much harder; he got 2,500 solo but only eked 1900-2100 with me. Ping was a bit of an issue; some of the hits we thought missed ended up bouncing back towards the machine, and we couldn't really catch those balls that moved in an arc (though I think it could be just me being unfamiliar).
Oh, you have a dps bennett built? I sort of made a dps thundering fury bennett to do anti lector shenanigans xD

Ahh, yeah... not like there is much reason to get more points than the game asks for rewards xD

Nah, those arcing balls are horrible for me too xx The game doesnt really have much in terms of depth perception... Hmm... do balls give less points in coop? The lag is definitely an issue in coop but feels bad if they give less points too...
Support Bennett, actually. x4 Noblesse set with level 80 Skyward Blade (formerly Festering Desire, which got given to Jean instead). Pushed up his Healing Bonus circlet to +30% or so bonus (+16) so now he's healing for 3,400 per tick.

I've managed to get the hang of it in solo mode. Scored 3192, 4954, and 4004 on all three challenges. The arcing balls take a bit too much attention to hit right than is worth, given that sometimes the straight balls will go with them and you'd miss those while trying to pay attention to their trajectories. My friend has better scores on the first and third: 3420 and 4300 or so. The balls should give the same in co-op, but the lag will affect the score as you get more points for "perfect" hits which are obtainable only if you hit the balls at a near 90 degrees to your position; it's about 24 points compared to 20 normal iirc.
I tossed a half upgraded hp artifact on bennett and got 5k heals per tick :runhappy: I guess itll end at about 6k if I do upgrade it fully~

Friend was complaining about lag in coop, so did the event alone xx Perfect hits are only like 20% more points? Thats pretty lame considering what a pain they are to get... Yeah, better to just go for everything that isnt the arcing balls when there are options xD
You probably went all 5* artifacts on him for that. I fill in gaps with fully upgraded 4*s; I'd rather have a 4* with the right stats than a 5* with only the mainstat. His HP is only about 22,000 or so.

Missed the livestream today because I was playing Detroit:Become Human. Gonna be a pain for the next couple of banners; Ayaka is a goal, Yoimiya and Sayu next, and Baal in the distance with Sara and Kokomi... :deadsad:
Oh yeah, I basically dont look at 4 star artifacts anymore aside from scholar and gambler sets since theyre still unique~ Thats more hp than I have xD I guess the difference is the heal % artifact :runhappy:

I wanted to get yoimiya in case she was as good as ganyu since... being able to aim at targets is nice... but yoimiya auto aims apparently @_@ Baal seems like she would be nice to have if she gives energy :goodtea:
Probably the reason the current endless fighting event is ridiculously hard for me. Might be the first event I'll be unable to get all rewards from. My team can't kill enough at the level 70 challenge to score enough points to hit 2,000, while they can't get past the damage sponge that is the level 90 challenge in time. Only got gold for 1, 6, and 7. Frankly, going through Abyss Floor 12 was even easier than this; I'd rather face the Lector and Heralds together at level 100 with no food than do the event fights, lol.

I'm all set for Ayaka next week; 20,000 primos ready to go, but the only problem is whether I'll win the 50/50 or be forced to spend everything to round back to pity. :sigh:
Oh, don't mind us; we practically took over the thread for some reason, lol.

It's Genshin Impact btw.

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