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Jan 19, 2013
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RANDOM.ORG, the true random service

Nothing to say, so go go

Edit : I regret putting that exclamation mark in the title
mmh.. i guess i do sound as if i hated it (lol). It's not like i don't want to. i am just so lazy and stuff.

Hmm... ASF is again so silent... - But is this silence before the big storm?:goodtea:~>
Wtf it's here more silent than in a graveyard :dead:

sup firends? Was a bit AFK cooking, football and eating :goodtea:
haha.. but i have to fool everyone into thinking i was a nice person :evillaugh:

it's funny how everyone is crying about protoss being so op.^^
Innovation vs Life up next! :goodtea:

/me turns sam's head into bright red flower~
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oh ok i did not know that these points were that hard to get .

but i really appreciate this dude so just wanted to say thank you.
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