I'm still going at it, primarily for that friendship experience. Does mean a hell lot of frustration, especially when bringing Ayaka, Yan Fei, Diluc, and Qiqi to the Monstadt talent domain recently; with zero shielding getting knocked around was way too common, and Yan Fei surprisingly doesn't melt slime shields as quickly as I'd hoped. Brought the same to the Liyue talent domain today and Ayaka exploded a few times, forcing me to leave the domain after the battle since I'm skimping on revive items. I'm way used to either exploding things rapidly or having a lot of stagger effects, so Ayaka just gets bounced around over and over since she doesn't have either. At least Yan Fei is now 6/6/6/ at level 70/80, with Diluc at 52, and those three are now at Friendship 4.

I almost always hit Abyss quickly since the unlocked resources are great for leveling (the primos and extra mora are just that, useful extras); I'm almost done with the BP (around level 43) so I guess soon I'll have to wind down a bit until the next one.
Maybe try shoving one dps on the team so its easier? xD Hmm... so catalysts arent great for shield breaking... guess its due to cooldown shenanigans... I really hate the mondstadt ice domain... icicles just stunlock constantly... it sucks... Not running an ayaka freeze comp?

Oh, mora is the main reason I go to spiral since I always need more for levels and stuff xD
Heh, the reason I hyper-focused half the BP resources on Ayaka was primarily to make her the prime mover of the friendship team; in the past I had the recently acquired Eula be the anchor for generations of teams until she caught up to the rest in Friendship, with occasional switches to Hu Tao and others only when she was underpowered early on. Others have also taken the role from time to time, like Chongyun (who wielded the Skyward Pride instead of Eula for a time and was surprisingly very effective with Rosaria). Ayaka, Yan Fei, and Diluc are mandatory due to their low friendship levels, so that's only one slot for extras; I could take Barbara but I was hoping to utilize Cryo resonance to get some extra CR since Ayaka has only 23% CR (with the rest coming from BS and resonance). Currently hired Diona back into the team since she can shield, much to Qiqi's dismay.

It's possible that the pyro gauge on catalyst users isn't as strong, but I've not exactly worked out the math thoroughly. Diluc still melted past the shielding with his triple E, but naturally it's extremely dangerous for him (even Yan Fei lost half her life bar in one salvo).
Poor qiqi getting replaced by diona all the time xD I tried to make teams with one dps and one healer, but that gets harder as more characters hit 10 and shoved to other teams~ My remaining semi leveled dps are ning and beidou so they have teams built around them... noelle is my only healer without 10 friendship though, so beidou just has to shield well to survive xD

Generally attacks/skills will trigger a reaction every three hits and 2.5 seconds. Diluc skill does not have a cooldown on his swings so he can trigger three reactions in a row. This allows him to break shields pretty fast~ Hu Tao either has very short cooldown or no cooldown on her charge attacks so her charge attack spam + pyro infusion can probably shred shields too~
It was the reason I wanted her to lead in the first place, since she rarely got into my Abyss teams after the first few rounds initially. That and the fact that her healing is a tad more reliable than Diona's who has to rely on her ult. I'm looking forward to nabbing Sayu next banner since that'll conveniently place a low friendship anemo healer into the team and help avoid wasting 1/4 of the potential exp. Looking forward to Raiden and her passive as well, since that'll help save some mora on sword and polearm ascensions; both she and Ayaka will add much passive utility to my teams where Yoimiya with her teapot passive (pointless), Kokomi's (already have Beidou for that) and Sara's expedition passive (negligible) would not.

Read something like that, but generally I just go by guts most of the time, lol. I've pushed up Yan Fei's artifacts again and she's much more comfortable now with Diona's shielding in today's domain run. Hitting between 14k-21k (that I noticed anyway) melt hits puts her nicely on the level of Ayaka at times. When reverse melting Ayaka's 21k E makes me think I should invest in it more.
Not sure if qiqi's healing quite matches shields preventing stagger xD Sayu would definitely be amazing since she can basically be built em and dps while supporting~ Oh yeah, was holding off weapon stuff until baal xD Kinda lame that it only covers two types of weapons... and I also leveled most of the ones I got so far xx Agree that Yoimiya's passive is pretty trash since it doesnt even cover all the teapot stuff and sure it might save a few chunks of ore here and there, but I basically already fully built my teapot stuff so same issue with weapons...

Oh, youre running a melt ayaka? xD I heard that was a bad idea since her ult only melts like a third of the damage and her charge attack only melts one of the three htis xx
For that domain, sure, Qiqi doesn't work that well for anti-staggering. I'm currently only with Favonius Lance at 70/80 with the rest at 80 or 90, so investing in Baal's passive will be for future 4* weapons which are admittedly few and far between. Still nifty at least.

Given that I only have Pyros and Cryos on my friendship team atm, I don't have much of a choice. :goodtea: Again, picking Barbara would make me lose the Cryo resonance, not sure what Jean can provide here, and Xingqiu is not the first choice to sustain Ayaka through all the hard hitting nobushi and kairagi even with level 11 water blades. Sayu will get a pass only because she's low friendship, else I'd not add her either. Also there's the fact that it's not an Abyss team so whatever goes, haha. Ayaka's now my first 8/8/8, and I'm aiming for Yan Fei 8/6/8 so this duo will be melting for some time to come until Friendship 10 and the next round of characters arrive.
Yeah... if baal dropped early on when we still had stuff to upgrade then she would be amazing... same for yoimiya... if she dropped before we finished all the furnishings =w=

Xingqiu is actually a surprisingly powerful not quite shielder but something close since all his damage reduction is percentage while shields are flat xD Ayaka xingqiu would also make a good freeze comp... or is how I plan to run mine anyway~ Guess if its just overworld, doesnt matter too much yeah xD I think ill be running yanfei beidou for my next friendship team since yanfei can set grass on fire for beidou :3
He does have that damage reduction, but without a dedicated healer you're largely just slowing the rate of attrition over time. For long fights especially it's more likely to become an issue. Freezing isn't that much of an issue on overworld when I've got Yashiori still in permanent storms, and the fact that as Ayaka while fighting in coastal areas I just have to speed into the sea to bait the nobushi into charging into the water. Spin around while they're recovering and E for the start of fun; one of the times that their excessive charged attacks works against them.
Heh, for the nobushi I usually just throw a ganyu flower and ult, then venti ult to pull them all closer to the flower... gosh thats a lot of ults wasted... but they so darn tanky otherwise... Hmm... I usually run xingqiu alongside another healer yeah... he does not sustain that well on his own xx Good thing the teams that want him usually also want diona or bennett so they can just supplement~
World Level 8 I suppose? I'm still sticking at WL6 so my bars aren't as high; Ayaka and the sea are enough for most coastal fights, maybe toss an ult in for the kairagi if I feel like it. Different thing if it's Abyssal mages on the coast of course, or those machines (the mining one which does that AOE thing is particularly painful; I got blasted at the water fort because Ayaka's sprint didn't let her jump off the ground it was on so Yan Fei had to vaporize the place instead).

I've tried solo XQ before, and frankly it was pretty bad since his heal takes so long to activate (cooldown + "shielding period").

Just built Yan Fei up further today, +20 Troupe save her sands (because the substats suck so I don't feel like investing in it beyond +8) and goblet (4* +16 Instructor). ~51% CR/111.4% CDMG with Dodoco Tales. Been debating whether to switch to Solar Pearl instead which I calculated would raise her DPS by around 200 points (which is a small difference to me) and CR to 70+%.
Ahh, yeah from world level 7 to 8 there is no real benefit to the player since 7 is the last to raise character level cap I think? So its just purely enemies getting harder and hoping the better drops make up for it... The new machines hurt and do so much aoe damage xx Yeah, inability to jump is one of the flaws of the sprint... but at least her dodge is stamina neutral as long as you hit an enemy at the end xD

I guess beidou also has some percentage reduction so she is pretty tanky too xD As a healer, xingqiu isnt good yeah... he does go with almost every pyro dps and ayaka though... @_@

Ahh, same... I have so many pieces left at +8 or +12 because they just rolled horribly and I dont have a replacement... I dont know what solar pearl does, but guess its the battlepass weapon xD More crit is always nice to have~
Only problem for me is that I can't visit my WL8 pals' worlds; during events I have to either host or have my other friend (who's also holding) do it. Big issue when it came to Ayaka since the sakura petals were so rare early on for someone rushing to 80/90.

Didn't play much early today since I was all caught up with Stardew Valley instead, but when I did I tried pulling for Sayu. Ended up with another copy of Favonius Lance, Diona C6, and the one I always wanted: Mona. Will do one last 10 pull to test my luck, but after that I'm keeping my 15,000 primos for my guaranteed Baal and Sara. :hapgirl:
Oh yeah, quite a few sakura petals were also locked behind that longggg sakura tree quest xD Same issue with my friend, had to keep going to their world for events xx Donttt really like the 24 hour world level change thing... would really prefer to just be able to coop without all this nonsense xx

Oh my xD So many people already got sayu xD Mona is nice too~ Can morgana comp with ganyu :runhappy:
For sure; don't quite get the need to gatekeep things. It's not like we're going to get guaranteed rare stuff anyway, and if the one underleveled is way too low it'd only drag down the carry.

I did end up using quite a bit more primogems (getting myself C7 Xingqiu IIRC) but Sayu came surprisingly quickly, around 4-5 pulls after my Xingqiu pull. Tried to go for C1 but ended up with R4 Widsith instead so I decided to stop while I'm still ahead at 12,000 primos. Ayaka's banner has been way generous for me thanks to her popping up so early. Spent 6 Fragiles and all my mora to raise Mona to 50/60 (3/4/4) and Sayu to 41 (2/2/2). Diluc 60/70 was supposed to be next in line after Yan Fei 80/90 but he'll have to step back for the two waifus I've been waiting for, especially since the BP is over. :laughpanda:
Yeah... also cross region play whar because I want to play with people in other regions but grinding up to AR 45 in multiple regions would be suchhh a pain...

Dont know how you managed to finish the BP so fast xD Sneaked week 1 stuff somehow? Sayu seems nice at c1 yeah, but its hard to get 4 stars to reliably drop xx She seems fun during the test though xD Just gets to roll through everyone~
I suppose you're Americas server then? Personally the ping would be the biggest reason I'd not bother with other regions on the same account, the second being the time involved.

Well, I actually buy the super premium BP so that's +10 levels right off the bat. I only really started that after furnishings got added to the pass; before then I didn't really see the point. With the extra levels I've got much longer dead periods between passes and quite a number of the event points are pointless towards the end.

Sayu and Mona together does expose my lack of artifact farming; I had to just randomly toss some mismatched VV set for Sayu until I read a theorycrafting guide that allowed for Support Sayu running x2 Glad/Troupe/VV/etc. Went with Glad/Troupe since I happened to have pretty good ones with CR/CDMG together. I hear that Sayu might be better off being a sub DPS like Jean with healing utility added, but I simply don't have good VV sets to make that feasible. Mona might want Noblesse but all the good sets have already been taken by the likes of Kaeya, Xingqiu, and Bennett.
Nah, Im on the european server xD Constant 150-300 ping but I got used to it so... dont really notice too much..~

Oh, yeah... the furnishings... personally that really doesnt feel like it should be on the bp but whatever... it doesnt matter that much... Just finished the f2p pass today xD Too bad the last level is just a blue fate so... nothing exciting..

Sayu can probably run full em vv set for pretty good damage xD Im not sure if traditional artifacts would be better for her though... Too bad the drop rate of em pieces are the lowest among all main stats xx Mona is such a good buffer... too bad she doesnt have a proper banner... My friend runs dragonslayers for +48% atk, nobless for +20% atk, and mona ult just adds x1.5 damage on top of it all xD
I usually run anywhere from 128-148 ping myself, though once long ago I actually got 90 or so. It's exceedingly rare for me to actually have below 100 ping given that most games have the closest servers in Japan or Singapore. Only in Eternal Return:Black Survival have I gotten 70 ping thanks to being part of the Hong Kong server instead, which I understand a lot of Australians use VPNs to access.

Acquaints are still useful for me since if I'm lucky I might get a 5* weapon out of it; given I'm dead set against pulling on the weapon banner the only time I'll ever see a 5* weapon will be through the standard banner, even if they're largely outdated compared to all the recent weapons. If I can pull a Harp I'd gladly have Ganyu use it.

Currently Sayu is just 50/60 so even if I went for the correct 4 VV setup she'd hardly make much of a difference despite my wishes otherwise. As for Mona, I still haven't gotten the hang of her ult, but it's likely her low levels also make it difficult to actually see any difference in damage. I'm still keeping her on Solar Pearl for the time being.

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