[LPW #165] Randomness

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It seem to be, that I take some things too seriously. :)
Humans evolve by learning from their mistakes...

But under the influence of vodka and coffee:
Indeed, dragons are scary. :D
Probably we should just wait until I will turn to be a veteran member.
A simple radar can not detect a Frank in stealth mode. =/
I should enable JavaScript to post such nice emojis.

But because I am paranoid:

lol :D
WARNING! Post 992

I can already see the light at the end of the tunnel... the end is near :D
[MENTION=35259]Leggy[/MENTION]; who are the Lions playing next?
*Jumps into a nearby bush to eavesdrop on the conversation*
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oh ok i did not know that these points were that hard to get .

but i really appreciate this dude so just wanted to say thank you.
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