[LPW #89] “We never really grow up. We only learn how to act in public.”

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But chocolate is bitter and better

There, there. Find yourself some candy or something to cheer yourself up.
But candy can also be bitter.

Okay, chocolate candy. Here you go.

to stifle or suffocate, as by smoke or other means of preventing free breathing.

to cover closely or thickly; envelop: to smother a steak with mushrooms.

Er, so I assume I am supposed to be dying here

omg Nazaka no please no
That's what smother is?
I thought it's something "warm and fuzzy" lol

Hello, pichu, let's play a game
there's a small strand of wire that is fused into the back of your throat
You are provided with a paper knife to cut the piece of flesh where the wire is fused
You then will have to use the wire, to fish the needle out of the urethra
Failing to do so will result in an awesome needle-pleasure
:o_O: naza doesn't have urethra from begin with

:o_O::o_O: you don't know about smother food???
Oh no, you're not supposed to enjoy it
You're supposed to feel nothing, and if you feel anything else, you are mad
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