Glad that at least someone else turned up, lol. :laughpanda:

Pretty much why I only did one ten pull this banner, got myself C2 Sucrose. Wanted C6 Fischl but I really need to save for Ayaka and Yoimiya...that's tens of thousands of primos... :deadsad:
Yeah, wants to see how good yomiya is since ganyu needs a better pyro support for her melts xD
Idk about that, since some people say that she's more a hands on DPS rather than a support which Ganyu could do. :ordercourt:
I wonder if the smol ninja is the anemo claymore :goodtea: Would very much appreciate an anemo claymore yesh~
I think she was. Well, hopefully she's bundled with either Yoimiya or Ayaka; I'm going to 80/90 Sucrose tomorrow and there'll be no other Anemo left to level after her. :goodtea:
Oh, I was also debating leveling sucrose following the em buff... the 5 star gems are a pain though :dead:
Good to see you around again, Anayomex. :hi:

Currently raising cores for Beidou, collecting gems along the way for Lisa (9 gems currently). Can't wait for Act IV of the event day after tomorrow, but I missed Kaeya and Lisa in the office (they didn't appear at all).
Huh, kaeya appears in the office too? I found lisa there, but didnt know kaeya does as well xD

Leveling lisa as well? Guess an overload build?
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Kaeya does appear after Jean first leaves for the archipelago. Again, for some reason both he and Lisa never did appear, so I missed them entirely. Might be something to do with Jean's and Eula's story quests, because those are the only two that involve Jean's office in some way or another. But then again, neither quest needs the office at the moment...

I'm largely leveling everyone just to have everyone at battle ready status (all talents 6/6/6, levels 80/90, level 90 weapons, at least +8 artifacts). Lisa for her part might be doing overload, but also potentially for electrocharged and superconduct. She's using an R3 Widsith right now (got two more copies from standard and event banners recently).
Yeah, its kinda dumb that characters and places cant be used for multiple characters =w=

Oh, you have a lot of those... reminds me of my friend who has an r5 sac sword while I cant get one D: I havent pulled in so long that my characters are starting to get to the 80/90 point, but I would leave supports at 60/70 otherwise. I find it hard to convince myself that the 80-90 jump on weapons is worth it... costs soooo much mora and really doesnt seem to raise the stats that much... Talents I get 6-8 generally
I've got around 14 level 80/90s right now with Beidou joining the club today. Level 90 weapons: Skyward Atlas, Festering Desire, Windblume Ode, Serpent Spine, Black Sword, Deathmatch. Most are level 80 for now until I finish ascending my characters. My Sacrificial Sword is only R1 IIRC and currently on Xingqiu. My reasoning is that weapons/character levels and talents are the ones which are guaranteed improvements, and thus are worth investing into; my friend is even more extreme, as he gives most of his 5* (he has almost every one of them) +0 artifacts. Artifacts not so much so I've largely ignored them; the last time I farmed hard was for Hu Tao, got her a reasonably okay CWoF set after spending 5-6 fragiles IIRC.

I used to think it's okay to leave at 60/70 but since reaching the endgame I decided I needed a new hobby. :laughpanda: Talents will be raised to 8 for primary skills for key characters (Hu Tao, Keqing, Noelle, and Eula all have 8 on AAs) but again that one is for the future; I've converted all my books to golden ones since I don't think I'll pull for anyone new until after Kazuha. You're saving for someone, Ayaka perhaps? :gotidea:
I was saving but for no one in particular really :akazukin_sweat: I just didnt want to throw away a guaranteed on just anyone... Sayu seems like she would be great though~ Her passive allows her to get animals really easily, she is anemo, she is a healer, and she has a claymore~ Thats a tonnnnnn of utility in a potentially 4 star character so might just roll for whatever banner she pops up on~ Ayaka's dash also seems nice for traveling... assuming mona doesnt get an event banner anytime soon...

As for artifacts... I've been focusing them pretty heavily since they make up a pretty significant portion of a character's power... Now that em is a good stat, you can hope for that 4-5% drop rate... itll be easier to farming since overload, electrocharged, and swirl builds dont rely on substats as much as just character level~ I crowned ganyu charged shots, venti ult, and am debating bennett ult... since theyre all pretty strong xD
Forgot to mention The Stringless and Viridescent Hunter among the level 90 weapons. I hear that Sayu's passive only works for creatures like frogs, bugs, and the like, not pigs and birds. Have to confirm that though. Would be interesting to have her aboard at least, since my other interests are Yoimiya and Ayaka themselves who are 5*. If I'm happy about Kazuha, it's because it means more time to save primos to guarantee waifus! :laughpanda:

I've been relying on artifact inspection spots (the ones that yield 1* and 2*) daily for artifacts to upgrade my current ones. They max out my space every few days especially when you add those Gladiators and Troupes from world bosses. Still good for now, but eventually I'll need new sets; my Xingqiu has a +20 5* DEF% Noblesse since I couldn't get an ATK% one with ER% and a 5*.
Kazuha seems useful but we also have two other with movement passives.... I'll pull depending on how strong his cc is since I already have sucrose :goodtea: The passive only works on frogs and bugs? That makes it somewhat less useful... does it at least work on crystalflies? @_@

Oh yeah, I run to the five artifact spot west of wangshu inn every day.... too lazy to run to the others through xD Im trying to get hp nobless for bennett and hp maidens for diona... ironically the hardest piece to get despite how it would be considered a trash piece on almost anyone else...
Seems like it, since crystalflies are part of the bugs family as far as I'm concerned, and nobody I know has said otherwise either. I've got 614 crystal cores and grab a handful daily from the Statue near Dawn Winery and from Guyun, so getting more isn't a priority. :goodtea:

I do the full run: the whole coast west of Wangshu, the mountain spots, all Treasure Hoarder camps, the houses in Jaeyun, Qingce's spots, the Stone Gate region, Dragonspine spots, and the Shoal region. Some of these are just mora and vegetable spots, but I do them all. Takes me nearly 40 minutes or so. I did try going for more Noblesse a month ago but ended up with lots of useless Bloodstained instead, which almost nobody uses. Bennett has a x4 Noblesse set with ER sands (4* Berserker) and 4* HP% goblet. Diona goes with x2 Noblesse and x2 Maidens (HP% sands and goblet, Healing Bonus circlet).
Same, but it is annoying when the swarm just nopes away whenever I approach :goodtea:

That seems like a lot of time just for artifacts... Im currently farming thundering fury for beidou and fischl... secondary bennett set on the side because the abyss lectors need a good flaming sword to the face every two weeks~ Wouldve thought people went either full nobless or full maidens on diona... actually two piece tenacity is also good now...
I've not bothered more than once with the new domain just to see what's inside, so I've no available full set of either new ones. Diona's kit was built with an old 1.2 guide in mind (which was when I first read it); it could be updated by now but since I'm not farming artifacts I don't really mind. The only one that caused me problems was Rosaria, because I couldn't decide which set (Strayer or Gladiator) to pair with my limited selection of polearms (either Dragonspine or borrowing Xiangling's Crescent Pike); eventually I picked the physical set instead with Dragonspine. I might change since I have Eula now for physical, and have level 80 Dragon's Bane for reverse melt plays.

I cleared Floor 12-3 (4 stars Floor 12) two days ago with my Bennett using his Noblesse set. Team 1 - Hu Tao, Noelle, Sucrose, Bennett. Team 2 - Keqing, Xingqiu, Xiangling, Diona. All level 80/90. Getting the namecard means I'm now actually a bit lazy since I don't need to farm as much for that goal anymore, lol. Still, I did my route again and because I hit cap I upgraded Chongyun's set to +12, which somehow rolled a lot of CDMG. I do agree that it's a lot of time, but since my resin goes into ascension mats, gems, and Hero's Wits I really can't spare the resin for artifacts.
I guess I have the resin for artifacts since I dont have new characters to level so theyre mostly where I want them to be :goodtea: Does rosaria not use the cryo set?

Havent touched the new spiral since procrastination is a thing and Im going to be strongest at the end of a cycle anyway~ You ended up getting the battlepass?
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Just got Traveler to 80/90 today, so that's around 7 left to go. 4 cryos (Rosaria, Qiqi, Kaeya, and Chongyun), 2 pyros (Amber and Xinyan), and 1 electro (Razor). Checked Rosaria's kit again since you asked, and I guess I misremembered, as she's on a x4 4* Blizzard Strayer. All except the feather and the sands are horribly unoptimized though, with flat DEF, HP, ATK and the like. Like I said, Dragonspine Spear technically isn't supposed to go with that, but I had few choices and still couldn't decide.

From your words I guess you 36* Abyss every cycle, eh? :goodtea: I've bought all but the first battlepass in October; currently at 44 and using up resources like crazy. Going to start praying that 20+ days pass quickly soon so I can start the next round for more resources for upgrades.
Ahh... I only care if I have crit and energy regen on the artifact :goodtea: As long as those exist and get upgraded a few times, I dont care about the flat stats being bad~ Dragonspine does get stronger with cryo characters... sad that there isnt a dragonspine bow for ganyu...

Im currently stuck on 33 stars and basically just slowly working further every cycle~ The abyss is a good way to figure out what your teams are weak at and work on that... chongyun got leveled justtt for the twin heralds of the last abyss xD

The battlepass gives sooo many resources... my friend had it for a while and it almost felt like they never ran out of resources while I'm just spending every week scrounging for mora to use...
Your teams are definitely built if you can 33 star SA, for sure. Best I can do is this rounds' 30 stars, which I probably won't do in the future. :goodtea:

I got lucky tonight, was idly upgrading a 5* Gladiator feather with CDMG, ER, and DEF%. Managed to roll CR at 4, then CDMG at 8, 12, 16, and 20. Ended up with +33% CDMG on that alone, and it went right to Noelle. Could've bought the lottery instead, lol.

BP does help a lot, though I spend equally as much. At one point I was down to 10 mora from all the spending, haha. :XD:

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