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Ecchi wa kinshi desu yo :lecture:


[MENTION=87]Frankincense[/MENTION]; just do as she says
Congrats [MENTION=41234]T-ELOS[/MENTION]; for winning the LPW!

Old school is the best school. :goodtea:

Did very nicely at Magic last night. Two tournaments in a row, spanning over 10 hours.

In the first, a standard tournament, using my black & red deck, out of 30 players, finished 2nd!

In the second, a prerelease sealed deck format, I made a sweet blue & green deck, that played very powerfully. I finished 6th out of 42 players!

I'm exhausted, but happy! :cheerleader:
Gratz [MENTION=41234]T-ELOS[/MENTION]; :cheering:

Hmm Gratz [MENTION=35259]Leggy[/MENTION]; red and black's my preferred combo.
Toukai no kami, na wa Amei
Saikai no kami, na wa Shukuryou
Nankai no kami, na wa Kyojou
Hikkai no kami, na wa Guukyou
Shikai no oogami, hyakki wo doke kyousai wo harau

Magic? Hmm... expensive card game xD

Can be, but with a bit of trading, and placing in tournaments, costs can be managed.

For example, last night, for a total $30 in entry fees, I won $26 in store credit, and gained about $150 in cards.
Wa ga moto ni kitare, shouri no tame ni
Fushi no taiyou yo, waga tame ni kagayakeru junme wo tsukawashi tamae
Junsoku ni shite reimyou naru uma yo, nanji wo shutaru kourin wo toku hakobe---!!!
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