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Feb 15, 2012
Simple, just write down what you just thought about. Try to keep it interesting/funny!
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I just thought about what you just wrote right there^ because thats pretty much the last thing i read before typing this thing here :p
haha, that is cheating. I guess I should give an example.

My biggest thought in the past few minutes was why I don't have any desire to write this paper that is due on Monday. So strange!
How odd that im listening to negima music and reading the manga at the same time xD
How odd that im listening to negima music and reading the manga at the same time xD

^_^ there we go!!

I keep staring at this bottle of Jack. Why is it calling my name lol Am I an alcoholic?
My water bottles seem to randomly disappear :/ i wonder why~ *cough roommate cough* (and he has a pack of his own water sitting under his bed too)
^ Darn those sneaky roommates :P

Why am I so lazy? ^^
Hmmm i shouldve order a larger pizza :p this small 1' pizza isnt going to last till dinner xD
Hmm leaving half the pizza for dinner :/ but im still hungry after the other half...
Hmm..I wonder how much force the m. Sartorius can take on the average 20 year old male.. =_=
How am I going to sleep early, when I already slept a few hours ago. Time now is 23:12PM (GMT+8).
Wanna play MW3 multiplayer sooo much, but can't log in Steam.
I wanna play CoD..but the noobtubers/campers piss me the f**k off >_<

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