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Jul 5, 2012

Well, I did this thread so early made, because at our friends in the east side of the Earth (like in Australia and Japan) has been the New Year-bell sounded, where then I wanted more or less in real-time them welcome in the new year...xD

Well, my dear friends around on world, the chapter is locked (soon also at us in the western direction): this year was again eventful - either with positively and negatively - but let's move away from the negative and let's rather in the positive join. Well, thank you very much for the nice times with you all here again what we did, I do hope that we this even in the new one and even beyond of it this continue can, it has me really very fun made with you all here, where then without gay-ish to sound: I love you all, I wish for you all (along with your beloved ones) a happy and healthy and successfully year 2017!!!

[MENTION=69012]ryuraze[/MENTION]; [MENTION=10379]Neko[/MENTION]; [MENTION=67840]pichu655889[/MENTION]; [MENTION=55154]Shinseph[/MENTION]; [MENTION=91251]TheWikiHow[/MENTION]; [MENTION=28026]Selvaria Bles[/MENTION]; [MENTION=44312]Dark Angel[/MENTION]; [MENTION=73341]DreamCa7ch3r[/MENTION]; @TsubameGaeshi; [MENTION=41234]T-ELOS[/MENTION]; [MENTION=27362]AhGwee[/MENTION]; [MENTION=25661]GenKiDan[/MENTION]; [MENTION=38786]Hinode[/MENTION]; [MENTION=5445]nawi[/MENTION]; [MENTION=26445]Ralium[/MENTION]; [MENTION=66271]ryuta[/MENTION]; [MENTION=8332]samyeung46[/MENTION]; [MENTION=23970]Shir0[/MENTION]; [MENTION=10646]unownHGSS[/MENTION]; [MENTION=9628]Arylin[/MENTION]; [MENTION=77540]Anayomex[/MENTION]; [MENTION=37707]FinalPyre[/MENTION]; [MENTION=40801]Infamous[/MENTION]; [MENTION=62490]Jezebel[/MENTION]; [MENTION=2724]Sakimichi[/MENTION]; [MENTION=26]KingArturia[/MENTION]; [MENTION=96182]Malicent[/MENTION]; [MENTION=12156]Hideki[/MENTION]; [MENTION=7722]Second_Flight[/MENTION]; [MENTION=108174]DesertLotus[/MENTION]; [MENTION=44669]Uryunga[/MENTION]; [MENTION=79902]Konstantinos[/MENTION]; [MENTION=79628]Petros[/MENTION]; [MENTION=79545]Evdokia[/MENTION]; [MENTION=29172]FireShark[/MENTION]; [MENTION=82968]Anestis[/MENTION]; [MENTION=94894]Alistar[/MENTION]; [MENTION=29831]thecoins[/MENTION]; [MENTION=33830]moemoe-kyun[/MENTION]; [MENTION=108174]DesertLotus[/MENTION]; [MENTION=112700]Toon Link[/MENTION]; [MENTION=93850]|♚| KK |♚|[/MENTION]; [MENTION=117272]DLeck6211[/MENTION]; @Rain Summerfields; [MENTION=119207]Chocola[/MENTION]; [MENTION=2]Ignis[/MENTION]; [MENTION=3]Checkmate[/MENTION]; [MENTION=51730]Anaxagoras[/MENTION]; [MENTION=51260]CrimSoukyuu[/MENTION]; [MENTION=10115]kactaplb[/MENTION]; [MENTION=39]Kou[/MENTION]; [MENTION=7148]kureko[/MENTION]; [MENTION=28746]KuroiHana[/MENTION]; [MENTION=50892]Shini-tan[/MENTION]; [MENTION=51770]Traxis[/MENTION]; [MENTION=28462]Yarukinasu[/MENTION]; [MENTION=7]Zero2DS[/MENTION]; @Faireye; [MENTION=115385]Neruko[/MENTION]; [MENTION=120446]Utaツ[/MENTION]; [MENTION=121613]dawnotaku[/MENTION]; [MENTION=121120]Valefors[/MENTION]; [MENTION=73570]Vespy the great[/MENTION]; [MENTION=38039]Umbra Mortis[/MENTION]; @Monmonpon; [MENTION=122350]Velenora[/MENTION]; [MENTION=18465]renano[/MENTION]; [MENTION=25364]Decalcomania[/MENTION]; [MENTION=4]corocoro[/MENTION]; [MENTION=2736]WsE[/MENTION]; [MENTION=112354]velka[/MENTION]; [MENTION=86576]Shakoran[/MENTION];...etc.
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Sorry guys, I did really a bit too early made, I wanted it actually at 15:00 (middle-europe time) make this, just my bad fingers did out of reflex S+Alt pushed, where then sorry...:wasclose:
Still a few more hours left here but, happy new year everyone :)
Well, the New Year-bell has also at me arrived, where then... HNY 2017 my friends!!!:goodtea:
Happy New Year from England! Me and Seiba wishes you all have had a great 2016 and hopefully an even better 2017 to come! :D
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Happy New Year everyone who means a lot to me! Wish every member here healthy and happy :)

/me lights fireworks up:fulfilled:
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