Mafia Game 7 sign up sheet

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fair enough nawi but think about it.

yeah about there sam

nazaka doesn't want to play so going to have take his name out

put please only post if your interested in playing

posts from now on will be confirmation of your will to play and will be added to the list.

nazaka gets one freebe but next time its permanent.
/me gets out of his tunnel and begins to fill Sammy's back up while he is still digging*
Time to throw myself into the fray then...Lets do this :whipmaster::mafiaboss:

I'll have to learn the ropes though since it's my first. But you all told me it was a cake walk, so it better be, and have cake.

Also please help notify me regarding anything important if you would, since I'm not always so updated on what goes on all the time around here. Just in case it should be said.
All for fun anyway ;p No like we really force anyone besides random playing around =w=
Don't believe you....Someone dropped by today and offered to protect me if helped out playing some kind of mafia game.... :f
imma gonna sit this one out i think~ feeling lazy(-er than usual) lately~
(-_-) You tell me..I've seen enough crazy stuff go on around here....

thinking back...visualizing memories...

:eathead: nope nope nope genki don't remember anything
thanks for updating my name kos, and i thought the theme was supposed to be danganronpa?
[MENTION=13039]Kyodai[/MENTION]; sorry, but I've that MG passing, because I'll not much time for that have, okay?:goodtea:~>
I don't want to see people being "dragged in" ok?
But that's how we get new players :(.
I was actually dragged in by infamous and Sova.
Worst case scenario they get mod killed for being inactive, it's not that bad ^.^
『Yes! They either like it or just get modkilled! Its win or lose nothing situation!』
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