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Jul 5, 2012

Welcome dear friends from far and near, we're together come that we a good friend his special day celebrate can, let's our friendship show!!!

Hi Coro old boy, the wheeh of time is now at you arrived again, but this wheel will now you to a new time drive - to unknown events (Yeah, I know, it sucks this line of me...>.<).

We're thanking for your hard efforts for the forum for this year as well, we'll it not forget that, you did a good job made till now, and we can quiet expect that it even in the future so will be...^_^!

And as final line wanna I say: Happy B'day, have a enjoyable time with your beloved ones in your special day today, enjoy every moment of them! And have further such successfully and healthy years ahead you!!!

[MENTION=69012]ryuraze[/MENTION]; [MENTION=10379]Neko[/MENTION]; [MENTION=67840]pichu655889[/MENTION]; [MENTION=55154]Shinseph[/MENTION]; [MENTION=91251]TheWikiHow[/MENTION]; [MENTION=28026]Selvaria Bles[/MENTION]; [MENTION=44312]Dark Angel[/MENTION]; [MENTION=73341]DreamCa7ch3r[/MENTION]; @TsubameGaeshi; [MENTION=41234]T-ELOS[/MENTION]; [MENTION=27362]AhGwee[/MENTION]; [MENTION=25661]GenKiDan[/MENTION]; [MENTION=38786]Hinode[/MENTION]; [MENTION=5445]nawi[/MENTION]; [MENTION=26445]Ralium[/MENTION]; [MENTION=66271]ryuta[/MENTION]; [MENTION=8332]samyeung46[/MENTION]; [MENTION=23970]Shir0[/MENTION]; [MENTION=10646]unownHGSS[/MENTION]; [MENTION=9628]Arylin[/MENTION]; [MENTION=77540]Anayomex[/MENTION]; [MENTION=37707]FinalPyre[/MENTION]; [MENTION=40801]Infamous[/MENTION]; [MENTION=62490]Jezebel[/MENTION]; [MENTION=2724]Sakimichi[/MENTION]; [MENTION=26]KingArturia[/MENTION]; [MENTION=96182]Malicent[/MENTION]; [MENTION=12156]Hideki[/MENTION]; [MENTION=7722]Second_Flight[/MENTION]; [MENTION=108174]DesertLotus[/MENTION]; [MENTION=44669]Uryunga[/MENTION]; [MENTION=79902]Konstantinos[/MENTION]; [MENTION=79628]Petros[/MENTION]; [MENTION=79545]Evdokia[/MENTION]; [MENTION=29172]FireShark[/MENTION]; [MENTION=82968]Anestis[/MENTION]; [MENTION=94894]Alistar[/MENTION]; [MENTION=29831]thecoins[/MENTION]; [MENTION=33830]moemoe-kyun[/MENTION]; [MENTION=108174]DesertLotus[/MENTION]; [MENTION=112700]Toon Link[/MENTION]; [MENTION=93850]|♚| KK |♚|[/MENTION]; [MENTION=117272]DLeck6211[/MENTION]; @Rain Summerfields; [MENTION=119207]Chocola[/MENTION]; [MENTION=2]Ignis[/MENTION]; [MENTION=3]Checkmate[/MENTION]; [MENTION=51730]Anaxagoras[/MENTION]; [MENTION=51260]CrimSoukyuu[/MENTION]; [MENTION=10115]kactaplb[/MENTION]; [MENTION=39]Kou[/MENTION]; [MENTION=7148]kureko[/MENTION]; [MENTION=28746]KuroiHana[/MENTION]; [MENTION=50892]Shini-tan[/MENTION]; [MENTION=51770]Traxis[/MENTION]; [MENTION=28462]Yarukinasu[/MENTION]; [MENTION=7]Zero2DS[/MENTION]; @Faireye; [MENTION=115385]Neruko[/MENTION]; [MENTION=120446]Utaツ[/MENTION]; [MENTION=121613]dawnotaku[/MENTION]; [MENTION=121120]Valefors[/MENTION]; [MENTION=73570]Vespy the great[/MENTION]; [MENTION=38039]Umbra Mortis[/MENTION]; @Monmonpon; [MENTION=122350]Velenora[/MENTION]; [MENTION=18465]renano[/MENTION]; [MENTION=25364]Decalcomania[/MENTION]; [MENTION=4]corocoro[/MENTION]; [MENTION=2736]WsE[/MENTION]; [MENTION=112354]velka[/MENTION]; [MENTION=86576]Shakoran[/MENTION];...etc.
:nekopara_cheer: OK, alles Gute zum Geburtstag, Thaddäus. Ich wünsche dir einen schönen Tag! :nekopara_tease:
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Right, I tend to forget that yours comes soon after WsE's. Happy birthday!

I noticed you're very nice when it comes to birthdays of people.
/me notes to not invite Iggy to his birthday party.
Ohhhh Time to celebrate another year of Wizardry? Happy Birthday Corocoro-sama, keep up with the great work and hope you have a great 2017 :D
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Happy birthday, too bad I'm too busy preparing my ... well... special occasions here and doesn't have good internet (if not terribad)
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Thanks, KA and Check. ^^
I'm at my parents', so I can feel you about the bad internet. As for the special occasion... doesn't look like I'll be so lucky. ;)
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