First anime you ever saw!


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Jan 15, 2012
Post the name of the first anime you ever saw...and if this got you into anime or not!
When i was a kid I watched shows like Pokemon and Digimon. But I never really cared whether it was anime or whether it was Japanese or not back then. But the first time I ever saw anime was when i watched "My Neighbour Totoro at my cousins house. I never really came back to anime though and got into the more mature anime meant for people my age and older until I was about 14-15. I am now 19 going on 20, and still watch it!
Haruhi Suzumiya when I was 11.

Sadly, I now have a god complex. x-x

However, last anime I watched all the way through was Bakemonogatari.
The first anime I ever saw was Dragon Ball Z when I was about 12 years old.
And for me this was the series that got me into anime. And this was also the first anime series to be shown on tv in my country, so it is probably also the reason, why it was Dragon Ball Z that got me into anime.
It's either an episode of Captain Harlock or Gekko Kamen (aw yeah) when I was like 2 or 3 years old. I can't remember.
mine was gundam Z, i think i still remember rent it from video rental since my TV show didn't air the show. i was still 7 or 6?
Tenchi and outlaw star counts? :3 hahah i miss toonami
Yatterman (the 70's original, not the remake). I think it was a re-run.
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Yatterman (the 70's original, not the remake). I think it was a re-run.

so you're now over 40 years then? :XD:

now that i remember... i think i also watch Ganbare, Kickers! at the same time
so you're now over 40 years then? :XD:

now that i remember... i think i also watch Ganbare, Kickers! at the same time

I said it was a re-run lol (I was born 1987 >.>). I think I only watched 10 or so random episodes of it because I didn't know the exact schedule of airing.
Doraemon was the first I can remember.
Looking back again, there was Getter Robo G. That was the first time I meet anime.

The one that I got hook up is Digimon the 1st Adventure. At the time It was airing when the game (The first digimon game in playstation) boomed in my country and I got hook up to it. In the class, no in the school I got called Digimon Master. I was the first one finished the game, completed all card, the first kid who evolve his digimon to Ultimate level and it was Metal Greymon (The poster digimon on the game).
Probably that spanish version of DBZ and then Sailor Moon.
Didnt start really watching anime till last summer when i watched pandora hearts
These are to interesting guys!!!! I see some older ones here!!!
Either a Gundam series or DBZ. However, the first one to really leave a lasting appeal was Spirited Away. That's really when I started to watch Anime seriously.
Either DBZ or Sailormoon, when I was at least 4 years old. Ever since then most of what I watched growing up was anime, with the occasional cartoon like PPG and the old Tom and Jerry. I actually just recently started rewatching Sailormoon and started DB Kai, with subs to see if the dubs changed something. Even though Portuguese dubs are usually very good and faithful (when I watched the english dub of digimon I barely recognized the show) they actually changed a lot about sailormoon. The most bafling one is that they changed the sex of the cats, Luna was male and Artemis was female. I have no idea why.
First anime for me was Sailor Moon, wasn't old enough to completely know how to the use the TV just kept flipping through channels hoping it would come on.
The very first anime i watched was Inuyasha! It played on the tv late at night back when i was in primary sch at 11.30 and i remember staying up late everyday just to watch it.
Heidi, Biene Maja, Pinocchio, Wickie und die starken Männer, Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball (In a time where I didn't even knew what anime was or that they came from Japan) XD
In this order I think :3
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My first anime that I watch was Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh & Winx Club. But the breakthrough that I was watching Anime started when I first started watching Sailor moon.

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