1. darknessblade

    SOS i need more anime to watch

    hi guys since my list of watched anime is increasing rappidly i am nearly out of anime to watch can you guys reccomand me some good anime THAT ARE NOT ON MY LIST of some of the reccomanded ones i could already have watched but they arent on my...
  2. T-ELOS

    What is the worst Anime you have ever watched?

    This may have been asked here before, but I couldn't find the thread if it was. Anyway, I was wondering what was the worst anime that you have watched? Mine has to be the Ninja Resurrection (OAV) that I saw about 2 years ago. It was absolutely terrible.
  3. lpdcomic

    First anime you ever saw!

    Post the name of the first anime you ever saw...and if this got you into anime or not! When i was a kid I watched shows like Pokemon and Digimon. But I never really cared whether it was anime or whether it was Japanese or not back then. But the first time I ever saw anime was when i watched "My...