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  • Welcome then, feel free to tell me how things are and have been if you like. Lot's have changed for me as well in a relative short time, at least since last year.
    I am revisiting you, but I see you are the one that hasn't been here for a while now...

    Hope things are going well, and I'm glad to report that that your sunshine profile page is as delightfully yellow as it was in the beginning :)
    And maybe a "tad" late to reply to this now but, I am doing ~well :P Hope that if you drop by again, this msg can wait for you and make your day all better like the last time. Then you can tell me how you are as well.
    I'm glad you like it (*´∀`*)
    I miss Kanazawa city so unbelievably bad, it's a beautiful city, in my opinion Tokyo was hell compared to Kanazawa, really did not like it there
    I'll remember the smell of the Ohmicho fish market forever...

    Anyways man what's good? How have you been doing?
    Hope all is cool (b・´∀`・b)
    I'm good to..
    Self reflection? What did you do any way...? *Stare....*

    Hey, if you don't hear any thing from a friend for about 2-3 days.. You'll miss him right?
    Don't hear anything new from you for a while..
    How are you? Good I hope...

    May God be with you, always.
    Haha... I can imagine that...~ ^^

    Such an assertive person as yourself must be pretty funny~

    That's quite amazing... Nature is mysterious... soothing in yet strong~

    Until next time, bye-bye~ ^^
    Hello to you once again~

    Lightning... hope you weren't scared by it~ ^^ Some people are though...

    Just drawing a few things and relaxing on the porch a bit...~

    I like smiling and laughing as much as I can... feels good and keeps me energized throughout the day~ :3

    Take good care of yourself~ Hope you smile and laugh more as well~ See you~
    Hi there~

    I'm truly glad you dropped by~ ^^

    If you're feeling great, then of course, I'm great as well~ :3

    Eating lots of ice-cream due to the warm weather... very tasty~ xD

    Once again, thanks for dropping by... May you have more wonderful days to come~ :)
    Thanks for confirming...
    Just dropping by, and say Halloowww.. hahahah...
    And good luck with the plan.. You know what I mean right? I'll always (if I'm online) be here to support...

    Have a good day. Take care, may God be with you..
    Hey man what's good (*´∀`)ノ
    Enjoying my free day so far, but got to go start some homework soon (o´д`o)

    And yeah haha Nujabes! Amazing stuff.. Currently waiting for Luv(Sic.) parts 6 and the "Grand Finale" part. Apparently after Seba-San passed away he was already working ahead on the last part.. And they found a track called "Luv(Sic.) Grand Finale" in his phone.. Must be his last offering to music in this world..

    Anyway hope you're doing well my friend, thanks for dropping by! (^ v ^人)

    Thank you such a pleasant and warm gift~

    Just you stopping by is enough for me~ ^^

    Until then, take care~ Bye-bye~ :3
    Hello to you as well~

    I'm very happy to know you're doing great~ ^^

    Everything here is also fine... Warm day, sketching, and eating fried rice~ :3

    Have something cute~

    Absolutely! no reason to hope, you can take it for granted :p if you can cope with me not always being here, thanks for the request :}=
    I'm letting everyone know I plan to be a bit distant, at least its likely just so you know.

    I think I might change the colors a bit on my own profile maybe now soon, just as long as it can contain some green...And yeah renano is very cozy indeed, kind too everyone.
    Yay~ So adorable and just as sweet~

    Thank you! You've brightened up my day even more~ :3

    I wish you great things and great health~ You're a lovely person yourself. I hope you won't lose that quality of yours~
    Who's this cuteness :] And this wonderful happy color around here, all while listening to your a-ha song xD
    How perfect.

    Renano beat me too it..agian, well credit too her, she finds the sweet ones and give them sweets to make them sweet and conserve them, don't fight it haha.

    I wanted to drop by, seen you before and such also, then it was that song. Glad I did, it was really nice seeing some yellow. So hi :) now I g2g again. I'm a little preoccupied these days.
    Thank you again for the music~ :)

    I really loved the ending... It was adorable and pretty funny... Great style and sound. I did enjoy it. :3

    Here's something to complement that sweetness of yours~ Bye-bye~

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