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  • Its okay~ and good to hear that you doing alright~ :3

    Me too, me too~ I've been really busy too these past month~

    And God Bless You~
    Ya Prime! I see~ I've been back and many my friends got on hiatus XDDD

    I'm glad you're alright tho~ How's school?
    eh you mean on all the train stations.....You've given japan quite a reputation...

    Other than that, then I probably haven't observed that much, I just happened to have business in the closet from time to time, and if I look out from between the doors then its most likely just to check if the hinges are in order, it's also part of my job to drill holes trough the walls and and ceilings in order to sustain air circulation. And maybe occasionally serve some energy drinks for sustained energy if any playful youth is in need of some extra energy.

    p.s. :) since you where asking for sam I though maybe if you did some other types of gaming you might happen to be able to play a same game as him and see him around some more.
    ehe I had something more mainstream in mind ")

    You don't need to convince me "SMile" I wonder if this is where I'm supposed to say as I've observed around here..."Saint no Ecchi" lol

    Which just happened to remind me of a joke I came up with after learning some japanese... Why are all the pervs gathered at the train stations ? Well duah ! Because it's so Ecchi ! Obviously some misinformed pervs must have gotten the wrong idea xD

    I think I must go now and share it with the world.
    You will def find samy around, though not as much as before as much as I think I've noticed. He might have actually managed to get dragged into a bit of gaming....

    You do any gaming Saint ?
    Prime! Hiya!

    I wonder if you're still active?

    Its been a long time, I hope you're okay~

    See ya!
    Great. We're celebrating Eid Fitri today, and I got a whole week of holiday.

    Oh by the way, Happy Belated Independence Day, 17 August.
    We will be celebrating ours on the 31st.
    /me goes online @ School but only for a while..

    Oi.. Minna... How are you...

    @samyeung46 , @renano , @AhGwee ,@Alice Rei

    /me vanish
    Hiyaa Prime~~ Long time no see! (^o^)/

    Don't worry about the losing! I believe you can get better next time! And don't forget about the fun of cosplaying~ Thats what important~

    How are you anyway? And you with your GF? How is she? I hope she's fine~~

    Until we meet again~ :goodtea:

    Now I just see that you really take your hiatus.. TT^TT
    I'm late... uhuhuhu....

    I just hope that you always fine... I'll miss you Prime!! I'll keep the signature that you made for me... So come back okay??
    Ill miss you too /me hugs saint...

    Lol ill probably have this title for a while xD No one seems to be challenging atm~
    France has super nice ladies man..! (ゝω ・)

    Well I'll already say good luck man.. Hope all will be cool for you during your stay and all will be cool at school too and do your best!

    Hope there is some way we can stay in touch dude 。゚ヽ(゚´Д`)ノ゚。
    I guess if all works well I'll show you around my hood 076 Ishibiki and 153 Meguro-Shinagawa(*´ω`)っ
    Yooo what's good (●´・∀・`)ノ

    Thanks for dropping by!
    I'm doing great, holidays just kicked off and I just got back from France and Belgium - did some hiking in Belgium and some walking around in France (・ω´・ @)
    Then going to stay here in The Netherlands probably all holiday after I go to Germany next week (・ω・。)

    How about you? How's it going on that side, hope all is cool..
    Ready to move out? 。゚ヽ(゚´Д`)ノ゚。
    You're welcome.

    If it helped you, then I'm glad.

    Rikuo and Itaku fight scene... That will be fun and worthwhile to see. You'll do very well considering your experience and stamina.

    Haha... yeah~ You'll definitely be kicked out if you or anyone was naked, but nowadays, there is body art. People paint on the body as an illusion for clothes or other intricacies.

    Most would feel intimidated by someone stronger than them, but they still love them in the end. I do think Rikuo and Tsurara are the most well-received pair. If you can, it would be beautiful to try to cosplay.

    I'll be leaving in about 30 minutes. There will be a BBQ at my older cousin's house.

    I prepared some corn for them to grill and soda to drink.

    Happy Independence Day from the US. ^^
    Hello to you again~

    In relation to your last message:

    Rikuo & Tsurara:

    If you ever read up about the recent character polls, Rikuo and Tsurara are respectably first and second. So, it would be a challenge in yet would fulfill most fans' desire to see them together whether it's a love scene or not.

    Rikuo & Yura:

    These two are a delicate pair. Still, they complement one another due to the different backgrounds. The recent manga chapters with those two highlighted their growing bond. It is a good idea to choose her for a female partner instead of Tsurara to cosplay.

    Rikuo & Kuro:

    In terms of cosplay, those two would be easier to dress and to pose. In terms of relationship value, most would think Rikuo to fight or pair up with Kubinashi. This is a nice change of pace though because not many would think about this pair.

    Rikuo & Semei:

    Ahaha... naked.

    That would leave much impact if he was naked.

    When I think of Seimei, I think of Gitsune. Still, it would be a quite a spectacle to pose Seimei with Rikuo. If you can unleash the profound aura that those two have, it shall work very well.

    Rikuo & Itaku:

    Itaku has been rising in terms of popularity and those two appear to go hand in hand. So, having a fight scene between them would do nicely while coming out with a brotherly bond.

    Although, Zen and Ryuuji can work as well. These guys are noticeable in features and personality.
    Ahaha... I guess that solves one thing. Ordering the wig shall suffice.

    As they say, 'if you can't beat them, join them'. Buy the wig for now and maybe try to make one yourself later. Only if you want~

    Oh... someone took your picture. xD I think if you posed with you holding the sword behind your back... could have looked really good.

    Yuki-Onna~ :3 I do hope you'll cosplay with someone by your side. It'll bring out more emotion and substance. ^^
    With that mindset and attitude, you'll be number one for sure.

    Pertaining to the cosplay...

    I must say, you have put much effort. Nura's hair might be difficult to do. It appears 'not as menacing' or 'sticking out' as much like in the manga/anime.

    The color and structure is well done though.

    Love the outfit. Casual in yet holds the familiar air we would associate with Rikuo.

    The props were well done. Nice and sleek. Good craftsmanship.

    I suppose it didn't have much 'wow' factor or perhaps, a different stance or mood might have given you victory.

    What I mean is... maybe having a bigger group could have fair better with everyone dressing up from the same series. I could be wrong though.

    I wasn't there, but judging from the picture, your aura has the mysteriousness, sense of nobility, and justice like Rikuo. However, maybe a bit more 'fear' or terror could have added more to your performance.
    If people can learn from their mistakes and become more assertive, then perhaps there shall be more diligent students for your school or anywhere else.

    You've set quite a precedent for others to see and exemplify whether you're the Seito kaichou or not. It'll work out~

    Haha... true. Even shouting how you feel is deemed as a form of action. Sometimes, even the little words leave a big impact.

    Tokusatsu cosplayers... O.o I guess there are cosplayers for every occasion. Maybe it would have been better if there were categories for certain cosplay.

    Congratulations on placing 4th. You'll knock them dead next time. Hone your skills and you'll be better than last time.
    Hello to once again.

    Thank you for the message last time.

    Oh... blushing. :3

    You sound quite adorable when you typed that. ^^

    Ah... very true. It is difficult to blend with society. The world is constantly changing. Sometimes changing for the worse.

    Probably why it gives me a reality check that not everything is peachy-keen.

    They say 'actions speak louder' than words. Even if your words are mean or kind and how you act is maybe different in real life... It doesn't change the fact that your words have affected me in some way.

    Therefore, any chat with you or anyone else is something to look forward.
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