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Apr 1, 2012
Welcome to Anime-Sharing Forum's First Video Contest!


Seriously though... no chopsticks?!



Tell a story, promote awareness, or show-off your waifu and/or ouji-sama!!!


Through the magic of AMV, Flash Animation, MMV, or MAD(ness)! /me had to make a pun... I apologize.

If you add some clip with chopsticks, a higher chance for votes... mostly from me.


1. Make a video that is at least ONE MINUTE long.
2. Use anime clips, manga pages, CGs, your own drawings, or even some live-action cosplay to create the video.
3. The use of BGM or narration is up to you, not required. /me highly recommends some audio for more votes
4. No need for professionalism. Special effects are up to you. (Windows Movie Maker, Adobe, Corel, or even your phone's video recorder)

Not required, but suggested: Submit a typed synopsis/brief description with your video in case no one understands what your video is about.

P.S. Quick tidbit. Try to edit properly. Make the story or transitions of one scene to the next as smooth and cohesive as possible please.

P.P.S. You can collab with other people or ask for help in making your video.


Submit your entry in this thread and mention [MENTION=18465]renano[/MENTION] ;

You can only submit ONE ENTRY.

However, you can replace your entry with a different one before the deadline.


14 December 2014 (EST: Eastern Standard Time)

If you need more time, then please inform me.


Winner: Banner galore! renano shall promote your video for a whole year!

Runner-ups: Banners by renano. Allowed to pester renano by spamming her VMs!


If you think a slideshow of some delicious kyonyuu women or a dokidoki imouto-osananajimi yuri love story can make you win, then do the best you can to display their charm with your video!

If you think a Gundam: Battle of the Decade spectacle or a neko making "nyaa~" sounds for a whole minute can motivate you, then do it!


We are not responsible for any nosebleeds, seizures, or any mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, transcendental condition that may occur during the making of the videos with deredere onee-chans, drool-worthy ikemen, kawaii loli kitsunes, or other possible fetishes.

Viewer discretion is advised.




Add anything you like. Could be beta versions of your video, a 4koma, or a picture of a flower. This is only for fun and to keep things lively~


Music: Nana-iro Generator (七色ジェネレータ)
Artist: Mizuki Nana (水樹奈々)
Character: Madobe Nanami (窓辺ななみ)

Note: I subbed this about 3-4 years ago before there were any English translations. I was still new to the Japanese to English translation process. I was also pretty new to timing, subbing, and subtitle effects. That is why please do not take any of this to heart.

Video: I made the video using that one promotion clip of Madobe Nanami and rearranged the scenes/clips to be shorter or faster. WMM is my friend.

Warning: The sound might be a bit high.

Disclaimer: I do not own any content provided in the video. The beginning where she speaks is subtitled by a different group. Forgot who. I apologize.​

SHOUTOUT (I'll add more people later. Sorry if I missed someone.)

[MENTION=28674]1RenaRyuuguu[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=29956]2Dheeey[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=15776]Aer0gam3r[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=28232]AErik-kun[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=30590]Aew[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=36528]aexiel[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=27362]AhGwee[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=28113]AK-22B[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=28059]Ak5shays[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=30161]alesao[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=159]alexsdu[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=27785]Alice Rei[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=2087]Alpha_stigma[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=27006]Angelus knight[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=7737]Animaksiat[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=26539]AnimalBear[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=68]AntiClimax[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=9628]Arylin[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=29577]ayumu9[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=35742]Baal[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=11276]Baka[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=31210]BetterPlace[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=16251]Blacktoken[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=27460]Bloodhorn[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=190]BlueMage[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=3]Checkmate[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=30497]ChiharuHanayagi[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=29650]Crystal_king[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=29458]cyberhood[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=43398]Daeyamati[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=24017]dannyh[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=25286]Dante1712[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=44312]Dark Angel[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=29784]dark5[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=43671]darkash[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=27120]DavRoc777[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=8967]deathwarrior[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=25364]Decalcomania[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=28509]defqon1[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=30649]DL Zandorf Rahamasch[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=13267]dreamer197[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=28243]egozi44[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=27374]eien[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=29917]eighThdream[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=13241]Ein[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=27287]Ellie_kitty101[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=44829]emmanoyhl[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=24034]Evac[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=28568]Exaelia[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=10372]ExtremeShinobi[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=19454]Fall[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=16554]Famichip[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=25460]fastdj2004[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=41294]Fear211[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=37707]FinalPyre[/MENTION] ; @firedmn , [MENTION=3632]Flareknife[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=31965]Flopp94[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=30562]fr0zendrgn[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=20225]Franela[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=87]Frankincense[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=27322]Furukawa Kei[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=27363]GenjoSenpai[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=25661]GenKiDan[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=28499]Gero50[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=30425]givigivi[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=27404]Guan Yunchang[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=27986]Hanagai[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=28913]HappyPeppyJimmy[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=16583]hayate akihisa[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=28182]henry[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=27360]Himeyuri[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=38786]Hinode[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=43783]hollowfication[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=27773]iamdiva86[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=11241]ImEsAu[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=40801]Infamous[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=46616]InorixShu[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=24179]IwantPedobearToo[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=28114]izmenanda[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=25939]japespszx[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=16592]jikannouse[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=30454]JovianSH[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=27586]juudith[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=29664]Kaboos15[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=10115]kactaplb[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=30099]Kalimaman[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=26209]kami-onii-chan[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=30383]kaotiksoul[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=8663]kasumi-chan[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=10809]Keima[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=37032]Keisuke Kurogami[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=14553]kenshin himura[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=14327]kimovis[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=28409]King of Heroes[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=26]KingArturia[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=26533]Kionea[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=29319]Kiririn[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=14400]kona[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=28026]KOS-MOS[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=12156]Kotoura[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=10496]Kuki[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=43771]Laraid[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=28690]laurel88[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=14493]Legend[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=28609]lewhatton[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=27874]lintox[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=39762]LioNeeZ[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=39610]Lolitako[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=28603]Loki[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=13464]lpdcomic[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=31150]MafooZala[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=43226]Magicbjorn[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=30226]mater[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=29913]Mato[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=28701]Mental1ty[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=28389]MeTanTei[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=29751]MF Azral[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=46321]michaerum[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=29821]mill[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=27026]Mixxie[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=25147]MokouX13[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=33968]Monjster[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=28151]mr.arc[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=41598]mrneph2[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=43545]MrTwitch[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=28672]musangbeku[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=43918]Mаru[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=29193]nanashi1[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=5445]nawi[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=41434]Nazaka[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=28231]NeahThe14th[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=10379]Neko[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=37]Nemuru[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=29]Neo-Exile[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=28760]newguy[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=30548]nexus[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=6030]nr345[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=29827]Ogikumo[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=28443]oomega[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=30976]oomuroaoi[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=28459]otome-lover[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=26148]perrypig123[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=297]Pinkylicious[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=30264]Prettycoolguy[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=13204]pumasrevenge[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=169]pyrce[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=1837]r.bednarski[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=29616]raiderx[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=26445]Ralium[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=27956]Random2[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=15349]rarely_upset[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=28442]Ras[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=29743]RaymanX11[/MENTION] ; @retrion , [MENTION=5013]Ron Roy[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=23555]Ruri[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=66271]ryuta[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=27188]SainTPrimE[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=2724]Sakimichi[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=8332]samyeung46[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=4451]sarnagon[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=27470]sasake[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=3160]sayforever[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=28518]scorpions[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=7722]Second_Flight[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=27148]selgon1234[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=14085]Sendoh08[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=13840]ShadowStorm666[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=23970]Shir0[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=25637]Silky Heart[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=41987]Sintarow[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=23111]Slayn312[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=4859]Snowkitteh[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=27456]SparkNorkx[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=43274]SSJCyberSonic[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=30017]stardice[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=30884]sugri[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=15769]sunflower[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=30340]Super[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=43862]tabemono3[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=28281]TeenieBikini[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=30532]Tentacle Bandit[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=30579]Terereian[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=27446]testers[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=29831]thecoins[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=41523]TsubameGaeshi[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=28886]Tsuminyan[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=26184]Tsuwa[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=27546]TTADPL[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=17416]unidecimo[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=25346]Uninstall[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=10646]unownHGSS[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=28039]vampire-queen[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=28663]veinster[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=10870]Vietx2k[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=25619]vittusk[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=12138]wantei[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=28528]wess666[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=4809]Will98[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=41788]wiro[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=42520]Wulfsige85[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=30305]xavor[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=30630]xX-AmV_BeAtS-Xx[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=43647]XxOtakuAllenxX[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=82]xyzapy[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=30315]yagami[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=19764]Yandere[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=27795]Yonaka[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=60305]zad38[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=43858]zort[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=26841]zZJoennZz[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=17020]~SnowAngel~[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=39264]❤Hanako❤[/MENTION] ; [MENTION=28524]のぞみ[/MENTION] ;
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Reserved for updates and/or other important details~

>>Added Banner
>>Added Omake Section. (renano added her own omake)
>>Contacted Ignis about prizes. Done.

BIG UPDATE: Deadline is 14 December 2014.

Due to my two to three week absence from A-S, I shall extend the contest time. I apologize to everyone for my absence. Projects and volunteer work. Haha~ Take this time to create unique pieces!


About Prizes: The creation of a new awards/achievements system is a long way to go. Therefore, for now, please make do with banners by renano and some extra spice~



Music: The Maiden Looks to the Sky
Artist: Hama Takeshi
Album: Kobato. Original Soundtrack - Haru no Utakata

Title: Kobato & Kiyokazu

Story: The beginning between Kobato and Kiyokazu is full of misunderstanding, pain, and doubt... However, through various trials they learn to trust and comfort one another. Hope for a new tomorrow with a budding love arises between the two.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the content in making this video.

NOTE: I made this video 4 years ago with WMM. It was actually used as a singing audition for a chorus on Youtube. It's gone though. Don't bother looking it up. However, if you beg me, I'll let you listen to my badly edited singing!​
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All the best to everything, you'll have to bug Iggy-sama if you need help with anything since I'm Social Sec only :P
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Thank you very much King nii-sama~ <3

I have made note of poking dear Ignis for 'help' some time ago.

With just your support, I'm already happy~

I'll do my best to make it successful and fun as possible!

Hope everything has been going well for you. I wish for a long lasting life and many laughs for you and for those you cherish. ^^
Hehehe, and I'm glad to see you're back active again Rena-chan! It look forward to how this contest will turn out, hopefully this can draw out the more creative bunch of ASF! xD Me? I guess everything is going fairly well, thanks ^_^
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Oh another lovely contest! I'm tempted to put up this really shitty video I made in a few hours for a video class I had. We had to try to tell a story with an invention or something... so I made it as fun/stupid as I could, as quickly as I could.

That class was an affront to my intelligence. :P
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Let me to firts this say: RENANO-CHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!! I've you heavily missed...!!!:runhappy:

Second: Sorry, but I've this unhappily also pass, because I've no AMV software and I've also no experiences in this area...:sowwy:
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I am really interested in this. I might go ahead and make something. Also, if someone other has ideas but can't really manage video editting, Im willing to lend them my editing skills :)
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Yeay ! :nyanmusu_happy:

Definitely IN on THIS. I'm sure we can sneak in a little bit of secret chopsticks and pancakes at the end of the day that no one will notice.

I'll aim to please, not to win :P Since some people here are probably very skilled at this kind of thing. But I will honestly intend to make something...ANYTHING.

Welcome back Renajoy ! A fine day indeed to appear; and collect some cakes and sweetness while at it ;} > 3rd round of cakes and sweet things with us at AS

:gokiko_eureka: Autumn Brainstorm; BEGIN~!
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My Lady Renano~! :runhappy:

This sounds like fun, I'll try to participate in this one too ^^
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I'm terrible at Photoshop but I'm quite interested in video editing myself (although I figure I'll eventually have to pick up image editing skills sooner or later anyway). Good chance to dabble in some video editing :puniko_blank:

I'll probably be participating in this one (Geh, but it's gonna be exam period soon :puniko_despair:)

Time to rack the noggin and shake off all them loose nuts and screws while in the bath.
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/me thinks about the 1 minute animation that class made me do... 24 images per second... 60 seconds... at least 1440 images... for foreground... /me goes make another plan =w=
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/me thinks about the 1 minute animation that class made me do... 24 images per second... 60 seconds... at least 1440 images... for foreground... /me goes make another plan =w=

You can get a lot more by dropping the frame rate a little (anime is often much less), using still-frames, and of course: loops! It still takes forever though. :P
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Lol ehh i just didnt do well on the class final =w= It might be smart not to recreate that mess ;p
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Promote the contest with the following banner~ (only if you want to)


[MENTION=37707]FinalPyre[/MENTION] ;

Hello my dear pyre~

No matter if it is a 'shitty video'... display to the world its unique charm!

I hope you'll have fun. That is all what this contest is about~ ^^

[MENTION=29193]nanashi1[/MENTION] ;

Hello lovely nanashi~

Don't mind too much about not participating.

I am already more than happy that you came by and checked out the contest. Please vote when the time comes~ :3

[MENTION=8332]samyeung46[/MENTION] ;

Hello again butler Sam~

It would always be a pleasure to have you participate.

Try not to overthink and doubt yourself when making the entry. /me mixes beer in the tea and serves it to Sam

[MENTION=33968]Monjster[/MENTION] ;

Hi hi my monjster~

Yay! Please do participate!

Just enjoy the process of video-making and you will do well.

If you have any questions or concerns about the contest, then ask away~ ^^

[MENTION=25661]GenKiDan[/MENTION] ;

Hello and welcome to the NHK first contest dedicated to video-making!

Hope you didn't divulge any information about it while I was absent. ^_~

Looking forward to your entry. It doesn't need to be anime-related. If you want to show a bird sitting on your roof for a whole minute, then that is fine.

[MENTION=10646]unownHGSS[/MENTION] ;

Kyaa~ /me waves hello and leaps into unown's arms

It is such a thrill that you will participate!

The contest is pretty much open to any kind of video content not just anime-related.

Loop this :runhappy: for a whole minute if you want~ Lol.

[MENTION=1837]r.bednarski[/MENTION] ;

/me gives a high-five

Hello there dear r.bednarski~

Many thanks for stopping by. I hope you'll enjoy everyone's entries when they are posted. Please vote when the time comes. :3

[MENTION=67840]pichu655889[/MENTION] ;

Hello there pichu~

Yes! Another person to participate!

I create various contests to not just make ASF more lively, but to allow everyone have a chance in displaying their abilities and interests.

I really look forward to your video. Let's make this contest a success together!
Weee ojou sama popped in again x3

Oh youre still planning the pancakes contest xD

/me drinks tea and turns into a sad drunk :nyanmusu_despair:

Butler again xD Still better than that certain other option =w= Better sounding anyway... same in the end :gokiko_shobon:
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Weehhhh ! your words have a almost magical charm as I'm reading NHK (I really want to be in anything NHK) and sitting in a dim-lit room with some music in the dark autumn outside. -I just don't like the temperature getting too chilly ouside...I think it's too early for that already. I want the sunsets to be warm and orange tinted a while longer :}

Nope I really didn't :P Curled by tongue all around and just thought about warm autumn colors instead.

Thanks...I was just about to ask that, seriously. You seemed to predict my question. Birds huh...hmm Some seagulls took a 'shjit' on my Porch and I started fantasizing about lying on my back hidden behind the railing picking them off with a small gun this summer watching them fall along with a bunch of feathers and neighbors looking puzzled at the spectacle hahah. But no, eheh I'm sure I can create something else.
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@ Sam

Yes, I am still planning to initiate the pancakes contest.

I set it for Winter 2014 because I knew I would be busy during the summer. Mostly depressing stuff, but it's been fine overall.

The beer was to make you more 'loose' and go with the flow when making the video. xP

The other option is still viable if butler doesn't suit your taste. I think it's more rewarding... mostly for me. /me casually chuckles

Currently typing responses in the birthday thread. Will take about 30 minutes to an hour. /me is slow typer... *cough*long fingernails*cough*

@ Genki

Haha~ The NHK will most likely welcome you anytime, anywhere.

The lovely tints of a grapefruit pink are what I look forward to seeing in sunsets. A nice cool, wispy breeze than a chill would be much better~ Hope the autumn season doesn't disappoint you.

/me initiates secret handshake for secretly keeping the secret secretly secret. What a horrible sentence I typed!

Maybe not predict, but I have slight gist of your personality... not fully, but at least aware. Hmm... that kind of bird video sounds like a winner already. O.o

Took me about 3 hours to find that example for an entry in my external hard-drive. It's all cluttered, but found lots of treasures! >w<
Ahh.. have you been well though?..~

More "loose" doesnt really... well idk =w= I like detail and being drunk doesnt seem like itll help xD I dont think ive ever seriously attempted making a video before..~

I think were thinking of different other options O.o /me casually scoots away~

Is it that you have to tap lightly with the finger nails? Or avoid using them? :nyanmusu_confused:
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I'm actually interested =\ but two months...

The problem isn't the amount of time, but I have to see if I'll be free enough during the period. =\
Emotionally and mentally I have been well. Physically... my doctor said my thyroid is a little high... so... I need to see her every 2-3 months to keep in check. ._.

I changed my eating and exercising habits. Hopefully, I wouldn't need any treatment when my next appointment arrives.

Like I mentioned earlier, I feel fine! Still going out to parties, watching some wuxia, trying new foods... No need for worries! I'm still laughing and causing trouble in the neighborhood. ^w^

Hmm... was a whip involved in the other options? /me hides her whip behind her back

Personally, it is uncomfortable to type with fingernails because it feels like the fingernail is being pushed back into its root.

Also, typing with your fingernails causes them to chip a bit faster. I try to avoid that and type with my fingertips.

Besides, I can claw your eyes out if needed.

/me gives a big hug to [MENTION=87]Frankincense[/MENTION] ;

It was initially three months, but I shortened it to two.

I don't mind extending it. Please feel free to tell me if you would like more time.

If you do participate, then enjoy the journey as much as the destination.

Thanks for dropping by~ <3
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That would be cool, even though I have no idea what I would be doing for them.

Pink sunsets ! Envisioning that even makes it smell good. Even though what I smell and taste might be somewhat like raspberries ~
I prefer the gentle breeze as well.

/me looks at hand and nods with a content smile. Because if your objective was to initiate a secret handshake for secretly keeping the secret secretly secret then I must admit I am utterly secretly unsecretly impressed :p I might like some horrible.

Hmm o'rly. Thats very piquing for me. I wonder who might have the most gist about who then. The heart is the most exciting book, but not always the easiest to read being alive and all, continually evolving, and especially since it has the ability of rearranging its "letters" ~ Making for quite some intriguing bewilderment.

I would have ensured my porch cleanliness already to be honest, where it not for that the best I could procure with relative ease was a hunting bow xD I think the neighbors would have catched on eventually.

Old almost forgotten treasures are amazing, I hope it brought joy. I was not long ago talking with my 90 year old grandma on the phone a few days ago, and she told me things from when I was so little I couldn't even remember anymore. Plus other stuff I do remember, after being reminded. Stuff she has on old VHS video tapes but no VHS player to play them anymore. One of them was when we where driving on family vacation and was with the old russian border, and Me as a toddler would dig or somehow be able to crawl under the fence and appear on the russian side of the border ><


Oh, so the pancakes are still on the table ! I wasn't aware, but perfectly happy with more of that.
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Oh O.o Lol so life is mostly as usual for you x3 Causing trouble? What do you do? O.o

Nope wasnt thinking of that at all :nyanmusu_run:

Ahh... i only had nails long enough to type with... a few times =w= Havent really had that experience @_@ but i guess thats just normal for most guys xD Doesnt sound fun though... i wonder if theres another way?~

Why my eyes? :nyanmusu_unsure:

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