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Jan 23, 2012


What is NETORARE ( 寝取られ ) ?

NETORARE ( 寝取られ ) also named just like "NTR" ( Abbreviation ) is a genre of EROGE. "eroge" means "Japanese erotic game" , called generality like "Hentai Games" in Westerner World.

The unique objective of NTR is to play with the "jealous feelings" of the player.

In NTR games you play like a MALE PROTAGONIST that love a girl in the game. However, for some reason, this girl BETRAYS the protagonist and screws the other guy.

3 kinds of NTR exsist, with B type broken into three parts :

NTR Type A ( consensual sex )
The Girl Knows she is cheating and gets pleasure out of it.

NTR Type B-1 ( Manipulated-consensual sex )
The girl does not want to have sex, but the bad guy Black mails, manipulates or other wise tricks her into it, and after a while she starts enjoys it thoroughly.

NTR Type B-2 ( Rape-Till consensual sex )
The girl does not want to have sex, but the bad guy Rapes her constantly Until she comes around to loving it.

NTR Type C (Watching your significant other get raped)
This is barely NTR, this kind is purely watching the girl you like/love get raped in front of you while you are helpless to stop it.

NTR Type D (Loving from afar)
This NTR never establishes a romantic relationship with the girl. She lives her life normally being a friend, co-worker, or not even knowing the main character. She might know he likes her, but she is not interested and loves someone else. This NTR is derived from watching her be with another man while she has unrequited feelings, still triggering the NTR feelings inside the main character as he feels she is cheating on him in some way even though rationally she is not. This version can include Type C but the difference is she does not love, and is NOT interested in the Main Character. If the girl ends up liking the main character over time, or always liked him but never told him, and the scenes in question from her perspective have her thinking or feeling like she is hurting the Main Character in some way even though they are not together romanticly, then that is Type A and not type D as the girl is in some way in her heart Cheating on the Main Character, and is therefore Type A

NTR Type VN (Intentionally Manipulated-consensual sex) or (Voluntary NTR). This one is in the grey area of NTR riding the fine line between it and Netorase. This is where the protagonist deliberately manipulates the situation to get his girl (who would never do it originally and is faithful) to Cheat on them. This is usually facilitated by the Protagonist pushing the girl away a bit and putting them into situations where they would cheat or Get NTRed. All orchestrated by the deliberate actions, or inaction's of the Protagonist. The major difference between this and Netorase is the Feelings behind the Event. The girl is honestly Betraying the Protaganist and has no idea he knows or wants it, so the Protaganist is getting off on the Betrayal and Corruption of the once Faithful Girl, which is the primary feeling behind NTR.

NTR is primarily from the Males Perspective, the one getting cheated on, but there are games that show it from the girls perspective, so you know what she is feeling and thinking while it is happening, or games that provide both.

NTR Mystery is a Style of NTR and not a Type, but definitely worth mentioning. In games focused on this type the Protagonist (and you) are unaware of the Cheating when it starts, and over time gets suspicious and starts to worry. By the time the girl is caught in the act it has been going on for far longer then the player/character suspects. In most cases these games will then show, or have a different story arc, where you see it from the girls view, and experience how it started, and what happened. This specific type in its own right is a favorite among many NTR followers. And generally is Type A or B1-B2 NTR

Now 寝取り (Netori) or 寝取る (Netoru) get confused with this genre but are no where near this topic for it is the Act of Stealing the Girlfriend or wife from the other guy, and this is absolutely Wrong, the point behind NTR is YOU are the Helpless one getting cheated on and hurt, not the guy winning and hurting others. In NTR there is no good ending or winning. (some games do have that ending though). However if the game has NTR in it anywhere, it counts and will be posted on.

Netorase is another Sub Genre that is not quite NTR and is commonly Confused with Type VN. This genre is all about the Protagonist convincing his girl to get with other men for his own pleasure with the girls knowledge that this is what he desires. This is the key difference Between Voluntary NTR and Netorase is the girl doing it with the Protagonists Urging. Sometimes this involves participation or watching. This is Not NTR as there is no actual cheating at all, as the woman is doing it for the Protagonist so no Betrayal or Injustice is actually taking place. From what i hear this is a popular Sub-Genre and worth Checking out on its own if your into it.

This thread exists for the sole purposes of posting links to the download section, commenting on, discussing and continuing the awareness of NTR and this Niche Community interested in it.


This is also dedicated to to FHC who originally started the craze. He used to post everywhere there was NTR, share it in mass quantity and tried to spread the word before he disappeared into obscurity, we are here to continue the fan base and awareness that he left in our hands.

Here is his old, Out of Date (December 2010) master list and complete explanation based of his specific views and ideals,

Here is the Original and dying Hongfire thread that we all came from寝取られ-NETORARE-(-NTR-)-OFFICIAL-THREAD
If you are completely new to all of this, the thread died due to Hongfire changing servers and changing there rules closing down all sharing or linking of any kind. This shut down happened almost half a year before SOPA and PIPA ever happened and before the mass closing of Direct download sites.

Here is a link to the famous Japanese NTR blog that is a good source of existing and upcoming games in the Genre It is updated constantly

Here is a link for the Visual Novel Database, This site contains a easy to navigate list of Most Visual Novel and non Visual Novel H-games. You can search a specific Fetish, or generalized listings, as well as get really into detail as to your specific interest.This shortcut is specifically to the Netorare tag Listing But they cover everything, check it out!

Please post, support, and please like or thanks this original post to let us know you like what we are doing, so we can continue to bring you this content.
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Re: Anime Sharing - Netorare Thread

Telsa's NTR Torrent V.5.0 NTR Thread Post

Included in the Torrent is the Complete Works of the LiLim Darkness Games, However this torrent is Missing The Blue極 as it has yet to be leaked to the Net and Wedding Blue because I could not bring myself to keep it.

List of Games in Torrent:

Triangle Blue - + 1.05 Update
AGTH: /HB8*0@413610

Dark Blue -

Hunting Blue -

The Blue Box Set -
Which Includes these games below

True Blue Story - See Box Set Getchu
AGTH: /HBN-18*0@430BD7 /W1

True Blue -
AGTH: /HS100C@42FF4E /W1

Angels Blue -
AGTH: /W402AF9

Innocent Blue
AGTH: /HBN-10*0@429313 /W1

The LiLiM Premium Box
Which Includes these games below

Ai ☆ Kyan (I ☆ can) -

Shouryuu Senki Tenmu –

Mahou Shinki Ririka –

Non LiLiM Games:

Grope ~Yami no Naka no Kotori-tachi~

Winters - Mafuyu Gaiden -

Oyako Rankan -
Walkthrough -
AGTH: /HS-20@53D8F5

Hentai Anime Adaptations

True Blue Vol 1 + 2

True Blue Gaiden

Triangle Blue Vol 1 + 2

Innocent Blue Vol 1 + 2

あい☆きゃん Romaji : Ai ☆ Kyan (I ☆ can) Vol 1 + 2 + 3

Grope Vol 1 + 2

Dark Blue Vol 1 + 2

Oyako Rankan the Animation

Other Information

Almost all games come with their Savedatas

Dark Blue and Ai ☆ Kyan (I ☆ can) have a limit on the number of times they can be launched before you have to insert a disk. To fix this problem do the following.

For Ai ☆ Kyan (I ☆ can)
in regedit
set the DiskCount value to 0 you will return to 50 times

Ex: when the value is 1 you have 49 times , 2 is 48 and so on
Credit for this goes to flyxxx

Dark blue

Same Protection but less uses. Just change text in file setup.ini at GameDisk=1 to GameDisk=0.

Torrent is Here -

Telsa's NTR Torrent [25.8G]

If you have any questions, find links to walkthroughs or AGTH let me know and I will update.

Major Credit to @girlcelly as I am pretty damn sure 90% of all of these where torrents and shared Originally by her periodically over the last 7 years.

Torrent Log
1 Started February 26th 2012
2 Updated June 20th 2012 (Added Dark Blue Vid / Removed double ISO) (Size 16.3)
3 Reseeded August 26th 2012
4 Updated November 13th 2015 (Added a Lot) (Size 25.8)
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Re: Anime Sharing - Netorare Thread

This is where the bulk of hongfire ended up, full torrent sections, full download sections, GirlCelly is here hooking it up, its time to move and resurrect.

We need to get all the NTR that is left that we know of and re-post/re-seed it all and get it all posted here, and get this party started!

i want to see the current NTR games that are new posted here and some activity. im gonna dive through the torrents etc here on the site and see if i can find some active goodies and post them

Due to most file hosters being down i am finding a ton of downed and removed or flat no longer hosting links.

Celly has this sucker posted, dont know if anyone has seen this, but i heard its pretty fucking amazing, so i am currently snagging it. If you guys have already got it ect, then my bad, i have been out of the loop for so long獲計画/ボクの妻がアイツに寝取られました。-[h-game]-[patch]-35452/
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Re: Anime Sharing - Netorare Thread

Glad to see you continue the Legacy.:D

Let's Hope this turns out great really looking forward to the future of NTR and our Crew.

I am hoping some of them actually head over here or at the very least lurk click and continue to use what we will be providing.
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Re: Anime Sharing - Netorare Thread

Oh!:surprise: we have a Hentai Corner now. good place as any to start a NTR thread.:fluteangel::runhappy:

Yeah i noticed a lot of people knew about this site and already had accounts, but apparently the hentai corner is new? not sure i only just found it recently, but then again, i was not really looking either.

Would appreciate some input from you Prettz about the game i posted above, if you know anything, thoughts etc, as well as anything salvageable from hongfire, Links, etc.

also since i started the thread, i can manipulate the front page, and i wondered if we should maybe make a master list on the front, maybe with links etc? and update it as the thread updates so when it gets to 100+ pages, all anyone has to do is be told to look at the first thread for older games and not wade through the crap?

dont know if that would be to much work or...?Profit? i need some imput from you guys since we are basically spearheading the movement, and of course anyone else coming from hongfire or notices this and loves what we are doing here
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Re: Anime Sharing - Netorare Thread

most direct download for NTR games that I know got wiped out this week, have to wait and see if they get re-uploaded

I noticed celly already was ready for it, as most of her links are torrents as well, and she is real good about maintaining them. so i am hoping to find more of her links like the one above, but its been taking some time sifting through them.

also i am so behind on what has come out i dont even know whats ntr thats new lol. so, doing some research etc, trying to catch up.
Re: Anime Sharing - Netorare Thread

can our group(Circle Prettz Hongfire) upload on this thread?

I do not see a problem with that at all. I had to go check the other forum to even see who you where and what you meant, for i have been gone for a long time. And i like what your doing, and i think putting Prettz name in there was hilarious.

I dont know if you know who i am, but Feel free to openly discuss all things NTR as well as post links and share games/content/self made work.... In fact i would rather you did here, because i am basically moving the NTR forum here. We can share openly and link the games, as well as access to a downloads/torrents section on this site, while with hongfire you can no longer do that.
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Re: Anime Sharing - Netorare Thread

Nice! PRETTZ is on board, so is HICLONE and TF2SPY. Glad to see you guys hopefully the others come here as well. For starters Telsa, we need you to add the NTR Banner on the first post for FHC memory.
I also think it's a good idea to have a master ntr game list on page1. Though it might take some time it would be easier for newbies and everyone alike to find a list of NTR games.
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Re: Anime Sharing - Netorare Thread

Finally have a thread here huh? Guess I'll have to start lurking on this thread too.

Dunno about an NTR list, but I think the first thing to do would be for Telsa to copy fhc's NTR explanation straight from his first post in the hongfire thread, and edit it into your first post here. With quotations and references to it's origins of course. It's a good thing to have for anyone new to netorare who finds this thread and reminds everyone who first taught us what it was all about. The banner would be nice too. :D

While I'm here I'll ask about another thing. Talking about a new VENUS game, I've recently tried a couple and thought they were pretty good ntr. Is there anyone will to upload them on this site so I can get the ones I don't have? They're hard to find, and much harder under current conditions. Most torrents for any more than a year old are long dead. I know they were mentioned in the HF thread and had links posted, but it's too late to get them from there now. I missed the chance. :(
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Re: Anime Sharing - Netorare Thread

Dunno about an NTR list, but I think the first thing to do would be for Telsa to copy fhc's NTR explanation straight from his first post in the hongfire thread, and edit it into your first post here. With quotations and references to it's origins of course. It's a good thing to have for anyone new to netorare who finds this thread and reminds everyone who first taught us what it was all about. The banner would be nice too. :D(

As you and CZ have mentioned, i have posted the banner and a gave FHC credit for what he has done, as well as links to the other shortcuts he posted, the ntr blog, and the old Hongfire post. I even posted his Avatar picture for awareness. Now i changed up his original post to this front page for a couple different reasons.

His ideals for NTR overall where a little off, i am not trying to insult him, he was awesome in what he did, but in the last few years things have changed, and the # 1 thing i did not agree with was his utter dislike and bad talk of all NTR from the woman (cheaters) point of view. It did nothing for him personally, but it does A LOT for me, and for others interested in the Genre, and it is NTR. so i will be promoting and rasing awareness for this inside the genre. A perfect example for this is the TRUE BLUE and TIRANGLE BLUE games.

Also, i split NTR B into 2 specific types since there really is 2 Specific types, and used to the best of my ability better English and not copied them over word for word from FHC, i hope this does not bug or offend anyone here, but now that we are spreading this ourselves and having to move sites, i felt it was time to update things.

Please let me know what you think.

and in other news............ Good to see everyone was already here or are coming over.

I am a sucker for RPG maker related Graphics and this game ヤブヌマ2 has me interested. Its hilarious how i either like Amazing Graphics, or wonkey ones, but nothing inbetween

sigh, i missed this you guys, lets make this thread win again shall we?
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Re: Anime Sharing - Netorare Thread

[Liquid(リキッド)] 聖麗奴学園[liquid(リキッド)]-聖麗奴学園-[h-game]-[patch]-38025/

NTR blog says this game has NTR in it, but i am unsure as to how much and where, but here is Celly's Torrent and Direct links anyways, i am gonna download it and see if it is any good.

Edit: Seems to be a route in it, so it is not a pure NTR game

[SherbetSoft(シャーベットソフト)] 制服天使 初回版ーベットソフト)]-制服天使-初回版-update-1-1-[h-game]-38301/

Also seems to have a NTR route, so here is the Celly Link Etc, i will download and comfirm, but the NTR blog says it does

[13cc] 今日、僕の彼女が最低の下衆野郎に汚されます。日、僕の彼女が最低の下衆野郎に汚されます。-[h-game]-[patch]-37130/

I did not see this one on the Blog, so i dont know if its ntr, and my translation is no good, but the Picture on the Cover made me LOL hard, i mean, thats NTR, there is no way its not, i mean just click the link and you will see what i mean.

[ANIM] NTR彼女はいじめられっ娘 ~隠れ巨乳で眼鏡っ娘の彼女が、知らない間に×××の○○○にされてたなんて…ない間に×××の○○○にされてたなんて…~-[h-game]-[patch]-37804/

I will not be playing this one, for its artwork.... i don't personally like (Huge saggy tits/glasses girls), however i want to make sure those who do have access and enjoy it. Its got NTR in the title and its on the blog. Some one whos into this please re-view it so the rest of us know if its any good, becuse i personally will not be touching it.

Once again, i have been gone for a while, and if these where covered in my absence my bad, i did not take the time to look over the entirety of what i missed with the Hongfire thread

it doesn't matter anyways because you could not post links, and here they are.
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Re: Anime Sharing - Netorare Thread

Well, then I'll switch to anime-sharing, too. I haven't posted much over at hongfire, but I'm trying to get ntr mangas translated with LWB or psyburn21, so I'm no full-blown leech
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Re: Anime Sharing - Netorare Thread

tesla or maybe DiabolicalGenius or someone else .... we need your help...
can u make dialogues??
Re: Anime Sharing - Netorare Thread

Nice~ maybe fhc will appear as well since I seen him post somewhere in this site before. Thanks Tesla for bring this over here, I've been keeping tabs on the thread in hongfire (lurking :x).
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Re: Anime Sharing - Netorare Thread

[MENTION=14043]hiclone[/MENTION] Like program dialogues? or come up with dialogues that don't suck?

[MENTION=7357]Keevan[/MENTION] Good to know you participate, though i am not against leechers, hard to come out sometimes about a fetish like this, behind the internet or not. Though i do wish we had more public support.

[MENTION=71]Cocona[/MENTION] was it recently? because if hes active again im gonna smack him for disappearing. Neat to know a member of the ASS staff lurked our threads. well we are over here, and here to stay given this site does not crash to the floor like hongfire did. I would of moved earlier but i was unsure as to if i should make the attempt to move, was worried people would not follow me, i forget my own influence on the NTR community. And if you guys would take us, different forum, different rules, different mods, and we are an Odd Niche in the Fetish community.

Also, love your Avatar, been playing Qoga again recently.
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Re: Anime Sharing - Netorare Thread

Please, special titles only mean something when the time is givin, otherwise meaningless. Pay no heed to my status here, besides I don't represent or anything like since I left moderation lol.

[MENTION=14043]hiclone[/MENTION] uh, not active in hongfire anymore really... :x

[MENTION=13786]Telsa[/MENTION] not recently since he last showed up in the AGTH thread and was last active in November I don't think this site will die like hongfire anything soon, the admins are pretty sure we're safe. Freedom is of high priority, don't let the rules scare ya. Plus Checkmate is a wimp anyway, teehee~.

Thanks <3. Fellow Ar tonelico player at last <333. It's nice to hear about that. Who's your favorite character in Qoga? :o
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Re: Anime Sharing - Netorare Thread

View attachment update.rar
Tesla, anythings....
the path for this game is ..... NTR Genre A...
if u make ASAP...
then we will ASAP( Circle Prettz Hongfire) upload in the thread........
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