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  • (cont.) July? Aw, that's long... mine ended around May thankfully. Well, best of luck! Aye, not to boast, but my high school was regarded as one of the (or the) best in the city. Not that it's nice or anything when the impact to us students is that we get more mocks and rigorous study programmes in order to keep the reputation. Well, free time is always nice; you can try learning new stuff or perhaps even working... joining the staff? As what?

    lol, Japanese literature? Nah, bet we'll meet "face-to face like almost everyday"; especially when I'll be at my sixth term.
    Uhm, even if you didn't use them all at the same time for scanning, having them merely running is basically the same (and you might not even notice them running due to their very nature of being designed to run in background without disturbing the user as possible). And if you installed one after uninstalled the others, to be blunt, it just sounds stupid :v

    Avast is pretty fine by itself. Add Comodo Firewall if you want, and maybe BitDefender + Internet security components like an ad blocker and NoScript if you use Firefox. Don't download anything (especially warez) from suspicious places and receive files from unknown instances. Don't just plug in your pen drive after using it on random machines that might be infected, etc. That should be about it and use common sense for the rest ;) Prevention is the best, really.

    Oh, as about PCMav being almost unbeatable when combined with ClamAv, it's their own claim and thus is subjective :p (cont.)
    Having more than one doesn't help though... in contrary conflicting antiviruses often reduce each one's effectiveness, making them worse than having just one antivirus. Also Avira rather sucks, and I still don't trust local antiviruses :p

    Ohhhhhhhhhhh, waves of exams and mocks during the end of senior high school year. Yeah, those were painful, especially since my school cared about its prestigious reputation very much that we were drilled to study liek mad. Just endure it though, a few months and you'll enjoy months of sweet freedom and relaxing freshman year of college (´ー`)y-~~

    ...Well, unless you get into engineering/medical/something similar.
    Doesn't really matter; if it had been infected before and was never cleaned it'd still be infected now even if you hadn't connected to the Internet after a while. And yep, local net cafes and FD transfers are terrible.

    If you say so, keep it clean then~

    Ehh... what? I kinda don't get it lol. You mean Twitter, or what?

    Better scan your machine too to check if there's any keyloggers or other nasties. And the hacker could've just chosen a random account.

    Provided you changed the password on a clean machine it should be ok. Followed you again~

    Aye, I did. I actually didn't intend to, but I saw you tweeted weird stuff (like make <insert ridiculous amount of money here> from home in only a day!). With assumption that your account got hacked, I blocked it to prevent you sending anything suspicious through DM, for example.

    If you've got it sorted and cleaned, I'll unblock & follow you again~
    Thanks for the approvement..
    nice to meet you^^
    wah.. ada juga yg post pk bhs indo..
    bro numpang tanya .. bro tau gak password utk buka movie dari postingannya Tsubame, soalnya ane br download bible black kok dipasswordin yah dan di postnya gak ada list passwordnya thxx..
    Merry Christmas Neo~
    Hope you have a great one and enjoy your holidays xP
    It's kind of chaotic on my end as well >.>
    Is your internet back to life? :P
    Haha, paying a tribute to it eh? xP
    Ignis says that Neo fails. So, Neo fails. Period.

    You can guarantee that? Well, tell me how you plan on making me need your help?

    ...Dude, despite all the claims people have been making, I am NOT a lolicon. If you see my ex, you'll know that I totally am not one. -_-
    Neko-maid, eh? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm *rubs chin*

    I'm not a troll! I'M NOT!!1!1! *cries moar* I'll call my /b/rothers if you keep bullying me! :(
    Well, how about huggling a pedobear instead?

    Oh c'mon! You don't have to be a tsundere like that!
    Why is me having a lil' Sister interesting?? You aren't one are you? >_>
    My fever went off after like 2 weeks ><
    I didn't relate pokemon to Dota did I? :o
    Nah, I'm not crazy over Dota~ How is it even complicating ._.
    What is nuts? :p
    I like to stand in the middle of everything xD & realising how fast my hp drop -.-
    I'm always support because i can't play carry.
    Usually people scold vulgar but you don't see people smashing keyboards XD
    Everything is possible ^^
    Hu..Huh???!??!?! I better stay away from you >_>

    I think it's better to let my body grow on its own :p
    You like flat chested girls right?! You seemed happy for a moment back there..
    ....... you're being mean...
    If you're a kid, then that makes me.. ><

    Sorry for the late reply too :p
    You learn something new everyday!
    So.. why is cat a cat??
    But cheating isn't good!
    Bad... actually quite good :x
    So what is this and that? ^^

    Who will suffer from a blood loss after seeing some small girl acting cute? xD
    Being confident is one of my good point! Ahem!
    Does scientist even have hair in the first place? :p
    You just fail :3

    Oh? Do I even need your help? *chuckles*

    Ah, I see. Yeah, your girlfriend is still a kiddie like you anyway, nyahaha~

    Wait... what? Trollness presence? How can you call me a troll?? Someone as harmless as me, a troll!? HOW CRUEL!! *starts crying*
    No huggles! You just said I'm a troll, so no huggles! *continues crying*

    Who said that, you ask? I just did! =D
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