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  • But number can't always be safe since some ppl tend to play around with them and you know, goes to the dark side of it. xD
    Laid back... that would be more like after some years working in that department. I think. o.O
    And I still prefer playing with numbers than playing around with somebody' life xd
    I do hope that change would be good. And I would never tought of becoming a doctor. Sometimes, there are just way too much pressure and that kind of work ain't my style at all. xD
    Awful eh. Maybe. But she likes what she is doing so I won't tell the opposite.
    And yeah, a few more years before moving out so it should still be ok for the moment.
    i didn't feel like moving out, at least not until im over with school since it would just be a pain in the ass. Even though we will be moving out, my fiancée is studying in Medecine to become a Doctor. So it would takes a few more years before she would actually be over with school. xD
    Canada might be big, but the north part of our country ain't that much... well... you know what I mean. ;P
    I won't mind moving down to the west coast since my fiancée's family does live in the west coast xD
    Though I will wait that both of us finish our studies before taking such a decision.
    Education to healthcare eh.
    Its not that bad, but most of the ppl in the east side ended up going to work in the west side of Canada because they will have a better pay check xD
    And I might be one of them sooner or later. lol
    True enough and most of them go somewhere where you can gain big bucks like in the states or somewhere else.
    Hmm... that is a good question... Hang around here and there or visit the financial district and you might find some? xD
    I guess we just have too find out xD
    Though I wouldn't mind trying to search for some of them near here. ;p
    Well, let just say that im natural at being superior at some others xD

    There is plenty of person with natural ability or talent in this world ;P
    I don't like the use of the word "pro" xD

    Having natural ability for something is only... "natural" right? xDD
    Lol, if I ever try that, my fiancée will smack me a good one so I rather not try it ;P

    Im not that pro xD
    Im just a natural :P
    As for me, im just done with my exams last week with I pretty much aced everything, like usual. xDD

    And it snowed??? O_O

    As for the pic, I just loled at it and I think I'll keep it somewhere in my laptop now xD
    Spring is here xd
    And our team got eliminated from the playoff... Oh well, there is always next here. xd

    And how your doing these day?
    Well, here in Canada, hockey is our national sport after all during winter. xD

    April fool everywhere yesterday but at least I didn't get tricked by anything ;P
    Pro or not, turning is quite easy xD

    Well, I guess our winter is better suited to do that kind of activity I guess. Lol
    What do you mean turning is another story? xD
    And only with a girl? lol.

    My first time that I did ice skating, it was with the school PE class when I was young ;P
    Haha, for beginner it might be hard lol.
    I've been playing hockey since I was 6 years old so everything is pretty much easy for me. ;)

    Some other can ice skate but can't brake. xDD
    I hope our team can win as well~ =D

    And ice skating is for more different than skating with roller blades xD
    It can takes some dexterity but once you manage it, its pretty easy ;P
    Haha, maybe there is no more hockey outside, but I still play hockey inside an arena since our team is in the playoff. ;P
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