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  • Finally getting to 18 years old eh? Life has been cruel to me but I'm hanging to it. Still FA though. I'm 28 now :(
    How are you doing these days? I suddenly forgot that you're one of the very first member of AS. Congratz

    It appears I'm having a crappy Xmas. =(

    Hmm spending Xmas with uni? This is madness.

    /me burns neo's uni
    Yo (*^ω^*)ノ

    Keeping your head up and running, sounds tough haha
    Luckily I have holidays now for a good 6-7 weeks before school starts again!!
    So I just got back from a vacation to France & Belgium and will go to Germany next week (○≧▽≦)
    So for now.. everything is pretty much all chilling and try not to get my mom pissed, etc. etc. ヽ(o´・∀・`)ノ
    Also a great year for my favoruite music releases.. Which leads me to the question on which music you like (っ´・∀・)っ

    Peace ヾ(ゝ∀・。)ノ
    Whassuuup Neo-Exile (。・^ω^・)ノ
    Thanks for the friends request!!
    How are you? I hope all is cool (*ゝω・*)

    No need for apologies...

    A situation such as that is very understandable... May you do well in whichever college you choose~ And may you be blessed and achieve what you strive...~ ^^

    Choosing left or right, choosing yes or no, choosing to take sides... No choice is easy and due to its limited and personal choices, not one would feel secure, pleased, or upset...

    Hurting, severing, or leaving with bitter memories... all those inevitable... No way around them.

    However, if you perceive those things as such, then you may do so. How it plays, its causes, its effects, its ups and downs, and its outcomes... You can change them bit by bit. You can alleviate that pain bit by bit.

    Reality is harsh as they say... Cry, scream, acknowledge that sorrow, face that pain... I'm not you either, but people have similar moments. Therefore, it's better to come out alive and laughing than wallowing in the past... if you deem it possible that is.

    Unique taste... I'm an open-minded person... If you're able to imagine me hanging out with you... it'll be an enjoyable time.

    I'm very happy that you cherish and love your mother... She does indeed sound like a warm and reliable person. Mine as well~ ^^

    Text-to-Speech feature... I suppose it can be perceived that way... I'm sure you'd be a good muse... a good way to lift someone's spirits~

    Lol... lying shouldn't be too often. A few white lies should be fine once awhile~

    Haha... I guess stating outright that I'm a sadist seems to be 'positive' in a way~ Adapting to the situation is difficult... Even I needed some trial and error to grasp it as well as I do today.

    Eyes on the prize... Would be good if it was chocolate though~ xD

    Kyaa~ That 'treasure' was utterly adorable and the food looked so scrumptious~

    Hahaha... *waves back*

    Lead tied on your feet... That's a strong analogy... Just from that I can imagine certain difficulties, but I'm not you... Therefore my imaginings are not correct, but I can feel and 'understand' that tied down feeling. Broken wings sometimes, but someday... you will fly.

    Hahaha... to sing and do as he or she pleases... to me... that is charming. Some others might not like it, but I like such people as yourself.~

    Your mother... flexible and sincere... :3 Truly admirable~ If you put it that way, it's hard to argue that statement... especially since some people consider me as some 'mother' figure as well~ xD

    Haha...~ 'Reading' not 'listening'... ^^ Your muses are very welcoming and when other people enjoy themselves, it's hard not to be wrapped up in that enjoyment~

    Hahaha... Your words really make me laugh. They amuse me because of your honesty... ^^ I wouldn't have it any other way... Your messages... are very warm~ Thank you.

    Mincing words... I am a sadist and enjoy manipulation, but when it comes to other people especially to personal matters, such mincing words will not be written or uttered unless stated otherwise like a joke or friendly banter. ^^

    Common... I still think writing formulas on small sheets more common for cheating~ xD As for my major, I'm in the Fine Arts Dept studying Illustration~ ^^

    Lol... screw up~ xD As long as you set some goal or motivation, no matter how many times you screw up, that goal is still waiting for you~ ^^

    You are kind... as always~ ^^ I love the fluffiness and sweetness from the dessert and the overall picture~

    More goodies~

    Hi hi~

    It's always good to keep promises... You're really a considerate person.

    Even if it's painful or when you have doubts... yes, you are right~ You'll be fine... because it appears you understand these matters very well. Just do what you usually do and you'll be just fine~ :)

    Hahaha...~ They added you on Facebook~ What a funny and surprising outcome indeed... It must have been pretty fun~ You must be quite charming. :3

    Flexible and sincere... I suppose it's true... I've been told that... but is it really rare? Their might be people who might have similar characteristics... I'm not sure myself. xD

    No need for thanks. I'm just happy that you're willing to share a piece of your mind to someone. If you feel better after expressing yourself, I don't mind reading and listening.

    Was it really 4 hours? Hmm... I can't tell. I don't mind these conversations. I have these type of conversations with other new members too and with random people in real life. It provides me to learn more about you and others while learning more about me.

    And I couldn't ask for more as well~ :3 Your personality is refreshing... I like it very much.

    Carve the formulas~ xD I don't really cheat anymore. I used to do that a few times in high school, but in university, I try not to do that. Thanks for the suggestion though. If I'm really in a jam, I should just faint or something... who knows~ It might work. xD

    Yay! Another gift~ ^^ You're really sweet~

    Here's one to complement that sweetness~ Bye-bye~

    Nice to hear from you again~

    You have the right mindset. Fretting or erasing things won't do much. If you believe the good in you, if you trust yourself, and be honest with yourself... you'll find yourself to be happier and your stress will lower.

    When you're happy about yourself, people will notice... and they usually become attracted to that charm or at least know that you are a good person in and out.

    'Simplifying it out'... Hmm... Depending on the person and situation, I can shorten my words or expand them. Seeing as how you tried to convey how you felt, I replied accordingly by also writing how I felt. I don't want to sound forceful or rude. I like to give advice or help whenever possible. :3

    Hahaha... I understand. I like you too~ You're fun to chat with~ ^^

    Cheat. xD Thank you for the boost of confidence! That's exactly what I need to win this battle! xD

    Hope everything is going well for you~ Thank you again for the message and gift you sent me. Bye~

    Hello to you~

    It appears you've sorted out your pros and cons. If you can recognize those things as something as faults or something to change to make better, you are not wrong. If you like the way you are and want to keep living, then you are also not wrong. What matters is how you perceive it.

    I like your enthusiasm and you don't say things to be hurtful. So I like you. :3

    Hope everything is going well. It's raining here and I still have some exams keft, but it's all good. :3

    Chat with you later~ I was actually about to log off~ But it's always a delight to see you. ^^

    Until then, see you~ :)

    Please have some cake to lift up your spirits~

    Wow. You really think about such profound things in yet you manage to get through with such a bright smile. That is a trait I hope you don't lose. :3

    Good night to you when you do hit the sack~ Pleasant dreams~
    Hahaha... it's great that you can be inspired and live so cheerfully.

    Haven't had any slurpees yet. XD It's pretty chilly here.

    Hope you're doing fine. I'll be logging off soon. Until then, see you next time~
    Lol. It's because you can come up with jokes so easily that you appeared smart to me as well.

    Thank you for the slurpees! *sluuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrpppppppp* (Brain freeze) >.<
    Thank you for the add.

    It is great to be friends with you. You're really funny and smart. :3

    Please have a cookie!

    \o/ How did it go? Or you prefer not to talk and think about it anymore? lol

    Also, when's the announcement due?
    Having important files on C -_- OS reinstallation is better when scanning or even installing new AV/anti-malware software on an already infected environment won't do much good. Best is to wipe shit out, start anew, and use proper prevention methods from then on. If you only have one physical drive it won't hurt to partition it.

    >a trusty site with more than a million members
    What, WarezBB? Anything open publicly isn't trustworthy enough ┐(´д`)┌ Panda Antivirus? It sucks imo. Smadav's folder lock is also meh; you could use something like Truecrypt if you wanted to secure your porn files by encrypting them.

    Meh, once internal exams are done, it's time to tackle dem university exams. Yeah, a pain, indeed. orz

    Writing down stuff to do after all the exams are over? That's something I'd avoid as I know I'll end up doing much less than whatever I have intended ┐(´∀`)┌ Getting laid eh? Pffft~

    Eh, still literature then, I guess. What else?
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